09 Aug '10


A couple of days ago, we headed down to peep out the construction of Hawaii-based DJ Sub Zero & Slapp Symphony's new studio, tentatively named "Prima Phonics." Located across from Honolulu Community College, and a few doors down from Hawaii's infamous jazz drummer Justin James (son of jazz musician Chuck James), Prima Phonics aims to bring even more quality Hip-Hop and R&B injected with nuances of Hawaiian culture and pride. Previously, the majority of Sub Zero & Slapp Symphony's unique production was conceived in bedroom studios, so we were pretty hyped to hear they acquired a nice space to build their own recording mecca, from the ground up. You can see how much passion these fellas have for their craft, getting down and dirty with the construction, painting and installation by themselves. As of right now, construction is set to be completed sometime next year; but don't think for a second that the waiting-game will halt any further production. They do gotta eat! For all updates on any Slapp Symphony related news, follow their Twitter and give those boys a shout!