25 Jul '11


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Tickets available at FITTED & Noteworthy. $10 gets you entrance to the party and a free cigar.

Aloha kakou!
We recently linked up with Punch Cigars for a limited edition, custom Special Blend for FITTED. The special blend is called Gran Puro Pico, where in cigar jargon, Puro means that all of the tobacco used in the cigar's blend originates from one single country / location, these specific cigars originating from Honduras. It is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke with a spicy, earthy core and a creamy finish that is unmistakably Honduran. While others may gravitate toward Cohibas, Habanos or other cigars that are from Cuba (it's more of a novelty and "cool factor" because of the US embargo against all imported goods from Cuba), Punch Cigars are considered one of the hardest cigars to come by and listed as third most popular cigar all over the world.
This Thursday at The Roof Top Bar at D&Bs, FITTED is holding a special private party with limited seating. Tickets are $10 each and with each ticket purchase you will received a limited edition Special Blend FITTED / Punch cigar. Come through and politic with your FITTED 'ohana. Also, that same day we will be releasing a custom FITTED & Punch hat along with a t-shirt. The blog with product info and photos will be up soon, please look out for that as well! See you this Thursday. Big mahalos to Punch and Tantriq.