17 May '11


The infamous He'eia pier Deli and General Store are now open for business. This east side landmark is currently under new ownership, those owners being Mark "The Gooch" Noguchi of Town Restaurant fame and the Vertical Junkies very own Blaine, Russ and Kanoe. They gave the neglected structure a much needed face lift with the help of family and friends. The Deli will be serving up local fare with aloha and the General Store will be providing the much needed fluids for your trip to the sandbar. If you happen to be in the area stop by and ask for "THE GOOCH," tell him FITTED sent you! We caught up with Mr. Noguchi who also pulls double duty as head Chef during the recent blessing and grand opening and asked him a few questions. Enjoy.
46499 Kam Hwy.
Kaneohe, Hi. 96744
Tue. - Sun. 7am - 4pm.

Q: What foods most remind you of your childhood?
A: Small kid time, my grandmother used to make Japanese pickles that would stink up the whole house. Made me nauseous, I hated them. But now, looking back, my greatest motivators are the past and old traditions passed down. Like making Japanese pickles.
Q: Is your home fridge well stocked or almost empty?
A: Totally empty!! Only beer & a bottle of Fernet!
Q: What's your must have kitchen utensil?
A: Suribachi (Japanese mortar & pestel)
Q: What's your favorite comfort food?
A: AJB baby!! (All Jag Breakfast), something that makes the pain go away!
Q: What do you consider your specialty?
A: Coming to your house and making it happen.
Q: Are there any foods you dislike?
A: Not so much foods, I'm more about textures. Wet is good, slimeys is bad!!!
Q: Any last food for thought?
A: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Photos By: Pai'ea Projects