23 Oct '13



Aloha all,
I'm starting to get anxious for the weekend due to a few big drops I've been looking forward to... Don't say I didn't warn you! Lol. Hopefully I'll be able to play my cards right and walk away with a little happiness served in cardboard boxes.
For this weeks OSNT Interview, I'd like to proudly present a beard who needs no introduction, the god, the myth, the legend, Mr. Erick Reichard! I've known this good sir for many many years as he was kind enough to keep a young, lost sneakerhead (myself) company in line at Niketown Honolulu back, back in the day... Your'e not gonna want to miss this interview (bottom)! Have a great rest of your week!
Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ - Team Orange - Laser Orange - Sail
Two-tones are alright, but multis are where it's at! More multis please!!!
Nike Air Max 1 FB "Quilted Leopard"
Nike Air Max 1 Premium - Gamma Blue - Brave Blue - Atomic Pink
Loving this color way... Nice balance and the added speckle on the front midsole is just enough detail to bump this pair up a few notches...
Size? x Nike Roshe Run "Elephant Print" Teaser
Another Size? collab?! These guys are non stop! Anyhow, I was a little on the fence about the last Roshe collab they did, but when I saw them in person, I knew I made a mistake by sleeping on em... These are looking cool, but nothing really excites me enough to exhaust my efforts by reaching to UK for a pair. We shall see if I'm wrong again...
Nike Air Trainer I "Infrared" and Nike Air Trainer II "Persian Violet"
Boy oh boy do I love my Trainers! ...Especially in good color ways such as these! Crisp.
Nike Air Huarache - Team Red / Volt
Take away the pattern and you've got yourself a deal...
Nike Air Force 1 Low CMFT "Penny Hardaway"
...And Nike continues to push limits with the all-time classic Air Force 1. Not for me, but these are better than a lot of others I've seen...
Nike Air Trainer Max '94 - Multi Color Safari
Funky! ...I dig! I usually like things that are different... I appreciate the riskiness of it.
Nike Air Raid "Peace" Retro
I've always wanted a pair of Raids, but never actually got a chance to scoop one I cared for... These are pretty cool.
Hanon x Onitsuka Tiger Teaser
Uh oh...
Head Porter Plus x Reebok Classic Leather
You can tell by my rotation of wallets that Head Porter is on my favorites list as I truly believe their craftsmanship and design in relation to cost is pretty close to bar none. Not sure if I particularly care for these Reeboks, but it definitely showcases a Japanese flare... Hoping to see more sneaker collaborations pop up with these guys!
atmos x Jouetie x Reebok Insta Pump Fury
Damn... I remember getting a few interesting looks when I used to rock Insta Pump Fury's back in the day... I think those days are over for me, but nevertheless, glad to see them popping up more often!
Oshman's x New Balance 1600
I love how the 1600's look so technical, yet still maintain the utmost level of cleanliness. The design of New Balances lend themselves nicely to almost any decent color palette... amazing.
Vans Sk8-Hi Pro "Outdoor"
The detail on these are phenomenal...
adidas Y-3 Qasa Racer
As usual, I'd love to own a few Y-3 Qasa's, but cant convince myself to embrace the tag price...
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V "Volcano"
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Erick Reichard | Famous Beard, DJ, Drink Peddler, 'Nike Air' Hoarder
Erick Reichard
Nickname / AKA:
The Beard
Shoe size:
My hustle:
Slangin Dranks N Droppin Beats
photo 2
photo 5
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
What year is it??? Shit I been hooked ever since 1990, The Air Jordan V was the pair that started it all for me.. That makes it a long 23 year affair...
photo 3
How many pairs I own:
Maybe 70??? & honestly only about 40 different pairs lol... I sold a lot recently, just trying to keep shit I will wear... & doubles for when i wanna wear them again!! haha... N most shit will retro in 10 years anyways So Wear Ur Fkn KICKS PEOPLE!!!!
photo 4
My Holy Grail:
My most despised footwear and why:
None, Barefooted Ratchets... lol
Currently hunting for:
OG Nike Air Jordan 1 Wht/Red/Met sz 12 :)
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
I would have to go with the Nike Air Jordan Banned 1, Quality n Comfort like no other Jordan 1..
photo 2
photo 1
photo 4
Amazing sneaker-related story:
I'd say 2001 maybe 2002, I was on lunch break from work and decided to stop in Razor Sports Pearlridge (or whatever it was called) I see a 1994 Air Jordan 1 retro box on the shelf behind cash register, its says $20 on it. I think, cool I would maybe buy that box for $20. I ask the cashier to see the box, she hands me the box and it has a DS pair of 1994 Air Jordan 1 Blk/Red in it!!! She then tells me she has 3 more in the back O_O She bring them out and its a DS 1994 Chicago 1 another DS Blk/Red 1 & A 1994 Air Jordan 2 Chicago colorway!!!! Needless to say I could not pay her fast enough....
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
This BOT thing is crazzzy, No legit shot at copping anything online anymore... I hope they fix that soon... How u get 3 pairs of everything doe JJ????? LOL
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
Please keep making stupid ass colors so I can save $$$$$ Thanks JB! :)
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
Thanks to JJ for having me & getting me them Blk/Red 1's in December! Shout out to the HSS,HSH,SGHI $FU FAM! Shout out to Truest for doin it BIG! Keep Stackin 808!!
photo 5
IG = @Beard_xi
A question for Parkz:
The Beard: Seriously tho, how many damn shoes u got???????
Parkz: Ayeeeeee... Don't ask me such personal questions, Erick! haha! I personally don't care to share these kind of things with others as I think it sometimes ruins the mysteriousness of the situation, BUT, since you've answered this same Q for this interview, I guess it's fair that I give you ballpark figures... Back in '06 (ish), we actually met during what I consider my "quantity prime" when I believe the height of my collection may have reached somewhere around 6... That included the easily obtainable cases of every Jordan Retro, as well as random Nikes, Nike SB's, Reeboks, Asics, adidas Originals, New Balance, Vans, Clarks, Pumas, and other various brands. All sizes; Mens, Womens, and Kids. At some point in '07/'08 I began to realize that my love for sneakers had grown uncontrollable and unnecessary. Getting constant reminders to get rid of stuff from my mother was becoming annoying and I could barely support such a lifestyle. Basically, I sold and gave away A LOT of pairs and I'm currently at a few hundo... Most of which I appreciate and wear. There's seldom a storage day that you'd be able to find a deadstock pair in my collection, unless they're doubles, triples, etc... Thanks for the question! ...Now you owe me a sandwich. HAHA!
Interview by: JJ Parkz
25 Sep '13



Aloha all...
It's been a sad past couple of weeks as I lost a good friend and fellow Sneakerhead, Brian Childers, a.k.a. NikeTyson. Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting him at the Sneaker Pimps Hawaii event a few months back, as bits of his collection were scattered on display in the glass case as you walked in... Being that Brian was a fellow Sneakerhead (one of the most passionate Sneakerheads I knew), I thought it'd be cool to add a few tribute photos and videos of him... If you have time, go check out his instagram (@niketyson); I think any sneaker collector would be amazed at the caliber of his collection. Not only did he have one of the best sneaker collections I knew, but he entertained himself as a professional skateboarder throughout the 90's. It's quite hard to have words do him justice so hopefully this blog will help share a little about who he was... Also, I was lucky enough to contact a long time friend of his to participate in this weeks OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS interview (below)... Jason, a.k.a. Theinfader, grew up with NikeTyson and often shared booths with him at various sneaker events around the world. Enjoy his interview below, and above all else, appreciate life my friends...
adidas Originals Superstar 80ʻs "Derrick Rose"
Here's a good one for the Rose fans...
Uprise x Nike SB Dunk High
The color-blocking on these remind me of Bisons... New SB's have been quite tough for me to buy lately... Simple makes me happy.
Size? x Air Max 93+ Air Huarache
...and again. I never seem to get tired of Size? exclusives...
Nike Zoom Turf Trainer "Oregon Ducks"
I don't often like Oregon inspired Nike's, but these are pretty clean...
Air Jordan X - Cool Grey - Infrared - Black
01.25.14... No rest for the weary...
Air Jordan 1 Mid - Black - Court Purple - Flash Lime
Interesting choice of fabrics... Different is always fun... kinda. lol.
Reebok Classics Reserve Tech 90's Collection - Inferno
Glad to see these retros... Nice classic colors and style.
INVINCIBLE x Converse First String Jack Purcell Johnny
These have a nice edge to em...
FOTT x Onitsuka Tiger X-Caliber

FOTT X Onitsuka Tiger "On Tour" #2 from FOTT on Vimeo.
Gonna keep the sneaker section a little light this week... For those of you who don't know who Brian Childers is, please allow me the pleasure of introducing him to you...
Santa Cruz - Brian Childers
Santa Cruz - Brian Childers (1996)
Roofie's Grip - Brian Childers (1998)
The Vault: Brian Childers
Transworld Skateboarding - The Sixth Sense (1998) | Brian Childers - 0:32

Balance In The World Of Chaos (1996) | Brian Childers - 1:27

Skateworks (1996) | Brian Childers - 0:34

Sneaker Pimps Hawaii 2013
[caption id="attachment_27637" align="alignnone" width="640"]Me (Parkz), Brian Childers, Sneaker Pimps Pete at Sneaker Pimps Hawaii 2013 Me (Parkz), Brian Childers, Sneaker Pimps Pete at Sneaker Pimps Hawaii 2013[/caption]
Brother Brian Childers,
I remember the first day we met... My first impression was that you were one, crazy, mad cool, free-spirited fucker, and you lived up to that every single time we kicked it. Even though our friendship during this lifetime was short, the realness you treated me with made me feel like a brother to you. Iʻm sorry I didn't get to tell you all this in person, but knowing you, I'm sure you'll feel my genuineness up there... Stay laced up in the skies, Cuzzo. Ima see you soon...

...An unreleased Aloha Hype TV video interview of NikeTyson and I at Sneaker Pimps Hawaii. The cover art for this blog was inspired by Brian's favorite pair of sneakersof all time, the Silver Box Nike SB Dunk "Bison," which he mentions in this interview...
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Jason A.K.A. Theinfader | A Best Friend/Brother to NikeTyson, Fellow Collector
photo 8
Nickname / AKA:
Theinfader, DJ Infader
[caption id="attachment_27508" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: UNDFTD x Jordan Retro IV. Production (left), and sample (right). Only 72 of the final production sneaker (left) were sold.] [above: UNDFTD x Jordan Retro IV. Production (left), and sample (right). Only 72 of the final production sneaker (left) were sold.][/caption]
Shoe size:
My hustle:
Professional party rocker or DJ. Not that new school midi controller sync button BS either. Yes I still own & use technics 1200's!  I come from the prehistoric breed of real DJing with vinyl! Ha!
[caption id="attachment_27510" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: Reverse Lebronold Palmer (unreleased)] [above: Reverse Lebronold Palmer (unreleased)][/caption]
My relationship to NikeTyson:
He was like the big brother I never had. My business partner & best friend.  We grew up in the same city of Jacksonville FL & met around the early 90's skate era. Then he had moved to Cali & turned pro for many years. We linked back up about 5 years ago when he moved back. At that time we were just collecting kicks together, hittin up events to display & even had a few  business ventures involving sneakers/clothing. A storefront  was actually in the making right before his passing. I still plan on making that happen!
[caption id="attachment_27514" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: @theinfader (left) and @niketyson (right)] [above: @theinfader (left) and @niketyson (right)][/caption]photo 14
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
I was hooked since day one! Begged & begged until I finally got my first pair of Nike Air Jordan's in ʻ89! they were black/cement grey IV's a.k.a. Bred 4's, one of my favorite models till this day. Sadly I don't collect Jordan's much anymore, due to the re-re-re-retro process and lack of quality. When I was a kid we rocked em till the soles fell off. Nowadays it's a whole different world.
[caption id="attachment_27516" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: Original 1986 Nike Air Jordan I - White / Metallic Blue (left) and Original 1985 Nike Air Jordan I White / Black - Red (right)] [above: Original 1986 Nike Air Jordan I - White / Metallic Blue (left) and Original 1985 Nike Air Jordan I White / Black - Red (right)][/caption]photo 9
How many pairs I own:
Now! …About a quarter of what I once had. I was nearing the 300's in my highest peak, then I realized my hoarding stage just got outta control. I switched  it to quality over quantity and sold a lot of decent pairs to buy more expensive pairs I missed out on… It helped me from coming outta pocket to pay that rapetail aka resell price.
[caption id="attachment_27518" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: Nike SB Dunk High "FLOM" (For Love Or Money) (left). Only 3 of the 24 pairs made were auctioned to the public in Hong Kong. Nike SB Dunk Low "Paris" (right). Released for "'White Dunk: Evolution of an Icon'" art exhibition in Paris. Limited to 202 pairs.] [above: Nike SB Dunk High "FLOM" (For Love Or Money) (left). Only 3 of the 24 pairs made were auctioned to the public in Hong Kong. Nike SB Dunk Low "Paris" (right). Released for "'White Dunk: Evolution of an Icon'" art exhibition in Paris. Limited to 202 pairs.][/caption]photo 12
[caption id="attachment_27524" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: Lebron 9 "Watch The Throne"] [above: Lebron 9 "Watch The Throne"][/caption]
If I had to describe, NikeTyson I'd say:
Brian was about as real as they came. A free spirit who lived life to the fullest. Always spoke his mind & had the facts to back it up.
Knowledge reign supreme!
[caption id="attachment_27521" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: Brian Childers a.k.a. NikeTyson in front of one of his many Sneaker Pimps displays] [above: Brian Childers a.k.a. NikeTyson in front of one of his many Sneaker Pimps displays][/caption]photo 17
My Holy Grail and why:
There's only one pair I'm still searching for the past 4 years… It's the limited movie props version of the Nike Coraline dunks. That pair means a lot to me because of the connection with my daughter and the movie. We saw a pair on eBay four years ago for about $900 or so, but I slipped up on grabbing them right away and have never seen a pair for sale since.
My most despised footwear and why:
Fake, fugazi, bootleg, early release #teamearly whatever you call its.. Too much of that stuff floating around and its hard to tell what's what now!
[caption id="attachment_27533" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: (left to right) Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Tokyo," Nike SB Dunk Low "Pigeon," Nike SB Dunk Low "Paris," Nike SB Dunk Low "London." Considered to be the ultimate "City Set" of the Nike SB series...] [above: (left to right) Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Tokyo," Nike SB Dunk Low "Pigeon," Nike SB Dunk Low "Paris," Nike SB Dunk Low "London." Considered to be the ultimate "City Set" of the Nike SB series...][/caption]
Currently hunting for:
Those Coraline dunks! …Everything else lately has been AM1's or daily comfort kicks.. Roshes & Flitknits.
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
Probably Stash 95's… I love the colorway! It's my favorite air max model, plus it can take a pretty good beating and still look good!
[caption id="attachment_27528" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: Nike Air Max 95 "Stash"] [above: Nike Air Max 95 "Stash"][/caption]
Amazing sneaker-related story:
Hmm.. I won Paranorman Foams! haha That was pretty exciting. But amazing?...I've met some pretty amazing people through sneakers… That's better than any pair of kicks to me.
photo 2
[caption id="attachment_27531" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: 1 of 6 Nike SB "Supreme" Dunk Low with an Air Force 1 Sole made specifically for the Nike SB Skate Team] [above: 1 of 6 Nike SB "Supreme" Dunk Low with an Air Force 1 Sole made specifically for the Nike SB Skate Team][/caption]
An unforgettable moment with NikeTyson:
Theres way too many...  He will never be forgotten.
Aside from the dope trips of traveling to sneaker events, hunting for those pairs to complete sets in our collection. #kickflipsvault
I would have to mention a moment beyond just sneakers..  there was  a time recently where he came to see visit me in the hospital. I had just made it through surgery  & Wasn't doing so good.  He made a surprise visit to check up. That meant a lot to me.
Sneakers, fresh gear..  all that stuff is cool but a true friend is hard to come by & can never be replaced!
[caption id="attachment_27529" align="alignnone" width="640"][above: NikeTyson (left) and theInfader (right)] [above: NikeTyson (left) and theInfader (right)][/caption]photo 24
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
For the HYPE and money hunger to die down!! I think it's great that this sneaker thing is bigger than ever now, but all the buying just to resell over and over has just killed all the love for the game in my opinion.
photo 1
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
What NikeTyson would wish for in the sneaker world:
More sneaker history & respect toward it. For these young "sneakerheads" to learn the roots.
photo 25
photo 23
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
Go back to using better quality materials.
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
Shout out to the people who actually still wear their kicks! …and for longer than a pic! Ha! And big shouts to my Laced Up -  Heat Holderz crew!  And rest in peace to my big bro NIKETYSON, a true legend in the game! May your name live on through us all!
photo 15
All "theinfader" everythang lol
IG: @theinfader
Email - theinfader@gmail
Website - www.lacedup.me
A question for Parkz:
How's the sneaker scene over there in Hawaii?
To be completely honest, I never really quite knew the enormity of the scene out here until recently… Up until the last two years or so, the sneaker community in Hawaii was really just a few groups of friends and acquaintances who really loved kicks. At one point back in the day, I felt like I could even name every "serious" collector in the state… Now days though, itʻs a whole new beast out here! Almost every kid who owns 3 or more pairs of Jordanʻs, considers themselves a "collector…" lol. No disrespect to anyone who has genuine love for sneakers, but sometimes the shit I see is just silly… Like you mentioned above, itʻs cool to see how big sneakers have gotten today, but that rapid growth has brought many negative things to "The Game."
To answer your question in direct relation to sneakers though… I honestly donʻt see too much "heat" around here. …Or at least what I consider "heat." I know a few homies who got more fire than a volcano, but theyʻre all smart dudes and keep it tucked away… The guys that keep their shit on the low are always the best to talk to because you can feel their love for what they collect; No bragging, all humbleness, and they donʻt care who knows what they got. Itʻs also quite funny to me what some people consider "heat…" To each his own though… Itʻs almost as if thereʻs different tiers of "heat" now days. I guess once you find your comfortable spot in what you collect, your perception of whatʻs "heat," changes.
My dude NikeTyson though… Man oh man did he have heat. He always amazed me with the ridiculously rare sneakers he acquired… Iʻm talking stuff that someone from Hawaii may never cross paths with in their lifetime; stuff that you can barely put a price on cause of itʻs rarity. Anyhow, I know you already know this being that you two displayed together, but you and Brianʻs level of collecting is amazing to me. Much respect!
Interview by: JJ Parkz