20 Dec '16


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Holiday parties are a fact of life this time of year and there is no escaping them no matter how hard you try, especially true when your the host of one such party. So what started out as a "private party" for loyal fans and supporters of The Green x Heineken x Fitted quickly escalated into anything but a private party. I mean people had flown in from outer islands and the boys from Waianae to Waimanalo all showed up to show love... what can I say... holiday spirit. Which is to be expected when someone takes it upon themselves to announce over the loud speaker at the earlier concert going on at the Waikiki Shell that the official after party is at the Fitted warehouse... oh shit what just happened?! No worries though I love good company especially when I'm enjoying a beverage or two. Good thing Heineken was on board with an unlimited supply of holiday spirits... which the festive crowd had no shame indulging in. What a treat this was for everyone in the house that night... The Green jamming at full volume and Heineken flowing freely. How could this possibly get any better you ask?... oh yeah almost forgot J-Boog walked in the house and was feeling the good vibes soo hard that he just couldn't resist jumping on stage and blessing everyone with a few of his favorite songs... Boom Bang!! Aloha - RM
All photos by : @Rudeboy808