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Aloha all,
For this weeks OSNT interview, I was fortunate enough to spend some time trading e-mails with my Vegas brother, Low Raven, who is currently working on the grand opening of 12amRun, a soon-to-be sneaker boutique in Las Vegas, NV. Make sure you skip my insignificant opinions and check the interview below as he gives his insight on 12amRun, as well as his personal relationship with sneakers!
Air Jordan XI low "Concord"
Still don't know how I feel about this, but I'm sure I'll end up getting at least one pair to avoid regret... The ice looks mad blue here; I wonder what it looks like in person...?
Air Jordan Shine
Retailing for $400?!?! Gimmick.
Air Jordan III 5Lab3
...It was only a matter of time before Jordan produced an all gold shoe for the general market... I think it would've had a stronger impact on me if it didn't have the black midsole.
Nike KD 6 "Wanda Pratt"
I guess I can dig that the KD program has been consistent with attaching a concept to every shoe...
Asics Gel-Lyte III "Black Ice" Reissue
I really wish Asics would do more with hard leather like this... Usually not glad to see a restock, but in this case, I'm coo...
Asics Gel-Lyte III Navy-Neon-Blue
I don't really care for the mesh too much, but the color way is kinda refreshing in a sense that it uses a completely unexpected color palette...
Stash x Packer Shoes x Reebok Insta Pump Fury
These are cool, but nothing special for me... I think I've only owned one Insta Pump Fury before and I don't remember it to be very impressive.
Reebok Classic "Retro Elements" Collection
Kinda happy to see of few of these in this picture... Definitely brings back a few memories of when I couldn't afford Jordan's... lol.
Jouetie x atmos x Puma Disc Lite
Funky... Definitely some atmos shizz... Not mad at it; not eager bout it.
New Balance 574 "Sonic & Clarity"
Kinda interesting look with the seamless thing going on... Color way is pretty unique, too.
New Balance 1500 "Made In England"
Now THESE are what's gooood... Too bad the EURO conversion comes out to about USD $260 shipped! YEUUUUCKHHH!
BAIT x Saucony Shadow Original "Cruel World 2"
Diggin' these more than the first "Cruel World..." Nice color selection for the texture of that fabric.
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Low | Sneaker Connoisseur, Undies Hustler, Cohesion Solidifier
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.04.03 PM
Lowell Raven
Nickname / AKA:
Low. The guy with long hair. #ChildActor. and your favorite circa 2000, LoWaLiCiOuS
Torrance/Carson, CA
My size:
photo 3
photo 2
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
Since 2000. My first pair of everyday kicks that weren't Payless or generic brand were the all yellow/navy reebok questions that came out for all-star that year. I was walking around middle school with a lime green shirt and bright ass yellow kicks that year. My addiction was born.
How many pairs I own:
At my peak, I was getting shoes weekly. I got up to 380 pairs, spread over the 3 cities I was living in. It was pretty ridiculous. Today I’m at a humble 130ish.
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.09.27 PM
My hustle:
Currently I’m on the management & branding team at 12amRun Las Vegas. Sneaker & Apparel shop. My side hustle that I’ve just begun with my partners, is a Men’s essential brand called Slight. Dope boxer briefs and comfortable apparel. Check us out fammmmm
About 12amRun:
12amRun is a Las Vegas based sneaker boutique located at the Linq, a $550 Million open-air retail, dining, and entertainment district right on the strip. Located along the worlds tallest farris wheel, our new space, will host many popular street wear, surf/skate, and iconic brands. Co-owned by HipHop legend Nas, we are looking to bring a different shopping experience to the big stage and to the masses. Stay tuned for events and our collabs man. We’ve been working!
Working with Nas is like ___, and I would describe his relationship with sneakers as ___:
To be honest I didn't get it at first. When I met Nas and the rest of the team, they were super cool, humble, and normal. It only started to sink in that this is the greatest lyricist of all time when I stepped out with them at night. Seeing the amount of fans, people flocking to him, and people singing every lyric of his songs was the moment I was like “Oh Shit, this is a big deal”. Its been an honor to be a part of the team since its conception, pretty amazing.
photo 1
My favorite sneaker brand and why:
I’m supposed to play devil’s advocate here and say I like them all since I’m on the retail end of the show game. Even though I do love silhouette from many brands, I gotta say my favorite is the swoosh. But it may be for different reasons. I work on business most of my day, and watching what Nike is capable of, invents, and markets is the best in the world. They get it. They know their customer. Their designs, material mixes, and re-inventing of themselves sets them apart. Clearly a leader in the athletic field of play and off court culture.
My Holy Grail:
I have a few Holy Grails.
Jason Kidd Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 “Carbon Fiber” -
They were just the look back in the day and are so hard to find.
Nike Son of Glove -
My 5th grade basketball team shoe. Never forgotten
DMP Pack
The story to get them, the rareness, and 11s!
Nike Air Yeezy 1
This was the first time I was on the retailer end for a huge drop. Good feeling.
Westchester Kobe’s:
My Uncle is the head coach of Westchester High in California. They are Kobe’s exclusive HS and get PE’s of every Kobe. Luckily I’ve gotten their edition Kobe 4-8s.
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.08.15 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.11.13 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.08.31 PM
My most despised footwear and why:
Oh this is great. Im a footwear guy, so I’m not mad if people have shoes on…but
I cant stand chicks that take their heel’s off in the club or plainly just walk barefoot on the street. Its disgusting. KEEP YOUR SHOES ON!
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.12.21 PM
Currently hunting for:
Call me Sean Connery.. The Hunt for Red October is still real.
But also Jordan 11 Snakeskin Lows. In any color.
And some Fitted x Vans joints. Hello? Anyone? Help? Ha.
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.05.29 PM
Amazing sneaker-related story:
Ha. I’m in a funny place because I’ve been on both sides of the sneaker world. I’ve been the kid camping out 12+ hours for a pair of kicks in the freezing night with the last penny in my pocket dedicated to those shoes, and also the guy opening up the shop to a line of 200 people waiting to kill me because I needed my breakfast and I’m 1 minute later than the posted opening time.
My favorite story has to be back in 2006. Senior year of HS. I was already in the Sneaker-Game pretty heavy by then. Using old #childactor money for kicks, & working at Red Robin to support my addiction to kicks as well. Want to say January-ish, found out the Jordan Brand was releasing a 2-pack of J’s, called the “DMP” pack. 11’s & 6’s, Gold Trim. HAD TO HAVE THEM. Local mall was going to have them at three shops so I was there around 9pm casing the scene. Security already had people lined up across the street in a parking lot, and when I finally got there I was 23rd in line. So the night goes on, about 1am, there are almost 75 people posted in this parking lot, and its freezing. By 7am, the line was only about 100 long, and we all were hoping the security guards didn't screw us by having us wait across the street. 8am, the Police and Security guys show up, walk us into the Mall’s parking garage where about 500 angry dudes are waiting in line. OH SHIT. They didn’t get the across the street memo. And this isn't the suburbs if you catch my drift.
So we get escorted in, the mob is yelling, shaking doors, getting arrested. We have to wait another hour until Footlocker opens. They started passing out Size Cards, and since I was 23rd and there were only 25 pairs, I end up with a card that says SIZE 8. Jesus. Not even close to my size. As we are waiting, the chick at the front of the line, #1, starts arguing on the phone, loud as shit. Making everyone uncomfortable. The next part is the best, I hear her say on the phone “REALLY? You’re with WHO? F*** YOU, I’m not getting you these shoes, we’re DONE!”. Hangs up and starts heading for the door. I stop her, “Yo, You leaving? Can I have your Size Card?”… She goes “Ya, I was getting these for my Boyfriend, but F*** It”. I look down…… SIZE 10.5. MONEY!!!!!!!!
Still got them DS to this day. Size 10.5 Jordan DMP pack. Saving them for my wedding day. Lol
photo 3
photo 2
photo 5
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
Hmmm.. Thats tough.
I’ll go with Jordan Bred 11s. The shoe alone will keep necks breaking, chicks digging, and they are comfortable enough to hoop in & sleep in. I think I can climb coconut trees in them too if I’m stuck on a deserted island.
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
Have you seen those Jordan Futures? IM READY! If you understand progression of Jordan brand, thats got to be the smartest thing they've done for a non-retro release in YEARS. Someone on that side is starting to get it. Thank you JB from the consumer and retailer side.
But culture wise, people just need to chill. We all have a common love for these kicks. Its not life or death. We all enjoy different things about this sneaker world, and all contribute in our own way. The elitist, macho man, over hustler mentality is overdone. We get it.
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
Send me kicks. Thanks fam.
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.07.32 PM
If I were a shoe, what shoe would I be and why:
This answer is for the ladies.
I’d be a Nike Shox BB4, in the OG White and Navy colorway. Why you ask? BOING!
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
S/O to YOU sir! Zen design master, shoe don, & 808 grinder.
S/O 12amRun owner group for the opportunity. My Slight team. Fitted fam. LA & Vegas.
@Low_Raven IG&Twitter
@12amRun || @sl_ght
A question for Parkz:
Low: PARKZ! Coming to Vegas soon… or Nah?
Parkz: Gotta check with the bae... lol. Nah nah nah... maaaybe August, but only if you got me on all the kicks though... haha!
Interview by: JJ Parkz
06 Jun '13


Aloha all!
For those of you whom I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, I would love to introduce myself. I'm Jared, commonly known as Parkz, and currently work on the design team here at FITTED. As a 14-year collector and lover of sneakers, shoes, and various forms of footwear, I've decided to share my insignificant opinions on the latest news dealing with my relationship with footwear. Each pair of worn sneakers will often be accompanied by a story; Where the owner has travelled to, seen, experienced, etc. It is through these memories (whether good or bad) that I have grown a subliminal, yet authentic love for nothing but stitched pieces of fabric and rubber...
Air Jordan I Retro High “Black Toe”
What can I say? ...Loved the Beginning Moments Pack of 2007! With this 2013 version, they added the correct tongue label and an extra lace hole, while presenting them in a beautifully nostalgic box, so how on Earth could anyone complain?!
Cole Haan Lunargrand Chukka Exclusive - Camello
Got lucky and found one locally for a great price. Besides a very beautifully unique color, the Kudu Suede is ridiculously soft and falls nowhere short of quality. I will be sure to catch a few spilled drinks with these at the club...
CH Lunargrand Chukka
Nike Flyknit Chukka Wolf Grey
Set to release 06.22.13 in the States. Still amazed at the beauty of flyknit fabric and how incrediably light these are... Wolf Grey color way = win.
[caption id="attachment_25113" align="alignnone" width="640"]Bobby Filipino rocking his pair early... Photo by Alex Kim Bobby Filipino rocking his pair early... Photo by Alex Kim[/caption]
Saint Alfreds X Asics Gel Lyte III releasing 06.08.13
Very nice combination of pastels; Soft look, but deadly on feet. Definitely a favorite amongst Asics runners emerging now. For more info, visit http://stalfred.com...
Saint Alfreds X Asics
Air Jordan XI Low White/Black-True Red releasing 06.08.13
Still don’t know how I feel about these just yet. They definitely look A LOT better than original sampling.
I may need to consider giving these a shot, although I passed on the previous lows without regret.
Jordan XI Low
Air Jordan Retro V “Black Grapes” releasing 06.15.13
What? They took my favorite V’s and turned them black?! [checks picture...]
Clean; Can’t be mad.
Jordan V "Black Grape"