15 Jul '14


I am in no way, shape, or form a New York Yankee fan, but growing up playing shortstop, I followed shortstops like Royce Clayton, Nomar Garciaparra, A-Rod before he was juicing and of course Derek Jeter. Tonight was his last All-Star game, he's definitely had a great career and it is only fitting that he gets the "RE2PECT" he deserves.
*Tips cap*
04 Jul '14


This week Shop Check's feature is one of our newest accounts, 1985 Gallery (formally known as Kick City). Located in the Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City, CA, not only do they carry FITTED, Huf, The Hundreds, Undftd, Stussy, to name a few, are brands they are fully stocked with. They also are one of Nike's top tier account, getting all the latest releases and having customers line up and camp out days before the releases. Nikes, Jordans, FITTED...can't go wrong with these choices! Check them out and say what up to Cris and Joe, the good folks over at 1985 Gallery.
451 Westlake Shopping Center Daly City, CA 94015
Mon-Sat: 11:00am-8:00pm Sun:11:00am-7:00pm 650 756 3620
instagram: @1985gallery
twitter: @1985gallery
18 Jun '14



Aloha all,
Took a little break from these posts lately as I've been quite busy these past few weeks... So much to catch up on! Good seeing some of you at the Dunkxchange x Sneaker Pimps Hawaii 2014 event... It's always a pleasure talkin' sneakers with all of you in person. Seen some good deals down there so I hope everyone was able to score something nice! It was great to be reminded that the Hawaii sneaker community is strong... Lets keep that going while helping each other learn, grow, and most importantly, have fun!
Shouts to @electricbamboo, @seeshels, and all their camp who displayed my favorite section of the event in the back corner behind the futsol games... Wish I coulda took home a lot of those OG runners! Shouts to all the other homies, John from @truesthawaii, Cavet, Lofa, and all the @lightsleepers and Crappy Kids camp, Mayor @ronald808 and the rest of the @hawaiisneakerheads crew, Elmer (@tfhh_ebjr), Gil (@tfhh_gilbert), and the rest of The Firm boys, Ian, @mykexknows, @b_ryan, and the @paradise_drive crew, all the SGHI homies, Max and the rest of @paradisesoccerclub, my @nmlshi homies, @ayoitsfjcruz, @dukininam, @emagdam33, and all the #wahbap homies, @beard_xi, @rkauhane, @erictakaba, @cfujifilms, @cheeeepono, @jaycid_, @irockmykicks, @took_hnla, my camera guy, Jerry, and everybody else who supports the culture... Please don't feel left out if I've missed you; it'd be impossible for me to catch everyone! Special shouts to my @fittedhawaiihunters family who represented well! Much thanks and respect! Also, got to kick it with @trinidadjamesgg for a bit and had the pleasure of attending his video shoot for a future CAMP JAMES 1st and 15th episode... Dude is mad cool in person; down to earth and humble. Respect. Last but not least, shouts to my dudes @dunkxchange, @sneakerpimps, @kidcurty, @dxcceo, and @chedda_bob619, who continuously bring down the event and recognize that Hawaii sneaker love is real... Enjoy the vid!

Old Sole New Tricks - Dunkxchange from Pan + Tilt on Vimeo.
09 Apr '14



Aloha all,
Today's OSNT features the last part of the "Hoopin' and Sneakers" video interview series... I know it was long, but I really wanted to emphasize that there's importance in knowing what you're wearing... Whether you like shoes for their technical aspects, history, etc., all self-titled 'sneaker enthusiasts' should have a basic knowledge of what they're enthused about, right?! haha. Anyhow, I've been noticing a plethora of new running sneaker consumers bandwagoning the market lately... Just a few words: As long as you grow genuine, I won't be upset at you making my chances harder at getting releases I want. lol. Besides all the good runners dropping, I feel JB is starting to mellow out a bit due to their willingness to over-saturate a ridiculously stretched market. Are we soon approaching the end of a full circle? SB love slowly reviving? ...We shall see!
P.S. - To the very few of you who repeatedly stumble upon these OSNT posts for a midweek kick, I'd love to hear all your ideas / criticism / thoughts, or even see cool photos pertaining to sneakers... OSNT has been a fun and interesting learning experience thus far and I will never shy away from growing its enjoyability for all of you... jared@fittedhawaii.com Cheers!
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: "Hoopin' & Sneakers" Part Three

Old Sole New Tricks // Balling and Kicks PT 3 from Kash Akamu on Vimeo.

Video featuring: @mralexkim | @ryanyamz | @bobbyfilipino | @mykexknows | @thewong1s
Video by: @y2kash
Music by: @jimhurdle | @prizzyprie
Interview by: JJ Parkz | jared@fittedhawaii.com
26 Mar '14



Aloha all,
First off, please excuse my absence last week as I was quite sick and didn't get the chance to compose a weekly post for all of you... I'm sure all of you sneaker lovers are aware that today marks the 27th Anniversary of the Air Max line, specifically the birth date of the Nike Air Max 1. Because of this, I thought I'd begin this OSNT with a few photos of my personal favorite Air Max 1's to ever surface. Following this list you'll find the beginning of a new OSNT three-part video, interview series: "Hooping and Sneakers," where I'll be reviewing a few basketball-specific sneakers with a group of my hoop savvy buddies. Enjoy!
Nike Air Max 1 iD Clot x Kanye West x Edison Chen
Nike Air Max 1 x Blue Ribbon Sports
Nike Air Max 1 "Amsterdam"
Nike Air Max 1 x Patta "Corduroy"
Nike Air Max 1 "Wings & Waffles"
Nike Air Max 1 x Patta "Chlorophyl"
Nike Air Max 1 x Atmos
Nike Air Max 1 x Kid Robot Hyperstrike
Nike Air Max 1 "Skulls Pack"
Nike Air Max 1 x Parra Hyperstrike
Nike Air Max 1 "Curry"
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: "Hoopin' & Sneakers" Part One

Video featuring: @mralexkim | @ryanyamz | @bobbyfilipino | @mykexknows | @thewong1s
Video by: @y2kash
Music by: @jimhurdle | @prizzyprie
Interview by: JJ Parkz | jared@fittedhawaii.com

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