14 Jul '14


Posted by admin in 40808, Cukui, FITTED, Hot Rain, Island Reggae Fest
This past Saturday was Island Reggae Fest, thrown by Cukui, over at Great America in Santa Clara. CT and I drove down to support and spend the day with our Cukui family and this was my first time checking this event out. This is a crazy event! Hella people and families were out enjoying the day at the park, good island music, some (hella) people were putting it in the air, good vibes all around, it was dope, really felt like I was back in Honolulu, but with a certain "city" feel to it. It kind of felt like Birthday Bash over at the Waikiki Shell. Of course I was thinking how much FITTED product I would see and I definitely didn't expect this  but FITTED hats and shirts were EVERYWHERE, Island Camo, Wai'Ale'Ale prints, Aloha's, Kamehameha's, were all over the place. Definitely a good feeling seeing all the FITTED gear being rocked. Shout out to Cukui family, Jae, Orly, Justin, Danny, Hot Rain, Chris Reezy, Blaine, Boog, ThaKuya and most importantly, Happy Birthday, Nixon!