12 May '15


I have always said we need to position our self in places that we can snipe from angles. This is one of those angles! Pololei e Janet, Thank you for pushing yourself and creating a career that you continue to change perspectives! One thing to note, Janet clarifies her closing statement of video piece here in her editorial:
"**This has been updated to clarify my intended focus of this editorial, which has been Hollywood and mainstream media. The video piece is titled “Hollywood’s appropriation of Hawaiian culture” which is addressing an entire system that more often than not silences Native voices, rather truly includes Native voices. I am also aware that though I am centering Native Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli voices, I do not wish to erase the presence of the people *of* Hawaii, who may not be Native, but who have contributed to local Hawaii culture which also embraces the concept of Aloha."
Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo