24 Apr '18


Posted by admin in hawaii skateboarding
Skateboarding history was once again made here in the islands via the reincarnation of the legendary Y ramp. Albeit a tad bit smaller... but still sick as fuck! I know I sound uncharacteristically excited but how often do the stars align to deliver you all your most liked things in one place, on one single day? Usually never... once in a lifetime maybe. I mean having a perfect ramp on the beach fronting my best loved surf spot with all my favorite skateboarders of all time throwing down, what more could a grown man ask for? The only thing that would make it any better was if the Fitted tent was set up close by with a cooler full of cold cuzzo lights at my disposal... shocker that happened as well! Did I mention Kaisers was also doing it's thing with clean offshore shoulder high waves? Do you want more! Anyways you catch my drift it was an epic day filled with 20 year reunions and unreal skateboarding pure and simple. The stoke was real. Cheers - RM
The GONZ floating over the channel that he made famous over 20 years ago, and at 50 years old I'd say he was an inspiration to all. Impressive.
Heimana Reynolds the local favorite and my personal pick to win the event blasting over the hip with young boy intensity... kid is the future!
My man Oblow doing what he does best, styling a flawless smith grind. An island native that has more local skateboarding pride than most.
Raven Tershay was fucking killing this ramp, period. The dude is what is happening now in skateboarding.
Evan Mock smith grinding over the death rail with finesse, this young kama'aina is the total package and I am looking forward to what the future has in store for him.
Greyson Fletcher going off the grid in a huge way with this floater, I admire his style both on the board and off, dude does not give a fuck!
One of my childhood heroes Eric Dressen still rolling... nuff said.
Fucking Christian Hosoi still a great skateboarder and a mother fucking entertainer till the end, spent a huge part of my youth admiring his every move.
Stevie Caballero in full form and crystal clean in mind body and soul. Happiest man on campus for sure.
Never heard of Roman Pabich before this event, kid was silently stacking points all day. His win was a well deserved one from my vantage point.
Just a reminder that just like in life, things in skateboarding don't always go as planned!
All photos by Vince Krause.