09 Feb '11


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One of the good things about living in Hawai'i (you could also say its a bad thing, depending on how you look at it) is if you ever want to get away, you can just hop on the next flight out of town and venture to see some of the most breath taking scenes in the world. Fortunately for me, I get to travel to the island of Hawai'i every other month to see my nephews and family (my sister is raising a "man factory"). Here is a few shots I took while cruising around. Note that the Big island is one of the rare anomalies that have 11 of the 13 climates on Earth.
19 Aug '10


Here are a few photos we snapped from our daycation while visiting the Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site on the Big Island of Hawai'i for the 200th Anniversary of King Kamehameha uniting the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiian culture was on full display, with a marching procession up to the Pu'ukohola Heiau, Hawaiian games, including spear throwing (albeit with a broom stick) and 'ulu maika. After a few spent hours walking around the heiau, we got back in our soccer-mom minivan and checked out some nice sites around Kona, before heading back to the airport and catching our go! flight back to Honolulu.


18 May '09


This morning we had the privilege to attend the first video taping of Island 98.5's weekly Reggae Cafe show, held exclusively at the Dole Cannery near Costco. Kona's own illustrious Kimie Kauikeolani Miner and her band performed a few songs and also played co-host to Reggae Cafe / Island 98.5's Fat Joe (not the one who told you to lean back either) which turned out to be a fun and lively behind-the-scenes taste of a live taping. Very chill, ambient mood / setting with some 'ono pupus courtesy of Roy's, serving the infamous green bottles along bottled water in a flask-like device. We bullshit you not. The actual performance was very dope, Kimie can definitely sing. Her style of music could be summed up as a cross between Jill Scott, India Arie and a mixture of Hawaiian roots reggae. Skank with it! Please check for more photos including a music video of one of Kimie's more recent performances after the jump (Sorry, no video footage from today. No video taping or flash cameras were allowed. But they will be airing this on KHON 2 sometime in August!) Big shouts to Jake from Pay Day Entertainment!