14 May '16


Posted by admin in Simple Leisure
Went out yesterday with Uncle on his self described work boat the Vitamin Sea... and work we did! Luke and I handled deck duties while Uncle kept a sharp eye on the glassy seas through the stabilizing binoculors. As you can see this was no leisure cruise, 15 minutes in we found some birds and got a couple aku and shibi in the boat. The pressure was off but the mission was still in motion, you see we had been hearing whispers of Ahi coming up way outside for the past two days. The intelligence was so reliable that we all decided to take the day off from work to go hunting. After chasing birds around and checking all the so called spots with no luck I relocated to the bow of the boat to take in the majestic views of the Waianae coast from offshore... spectacular. A few minutes later I glance over at the rigger and notice the line had popped then look down at the deck and see Luke hunkered over the Penn 130 like someone said something bad about his mama... no smiles. Time to go to work, for the next 30 or so minutes Luke and I took turns tag teaming the beautiful Pacific Blue Marlin until we had it in full submission on the side of the boat with two gaffs firmly stuck in its head. We pull the pelagic beast over the side and all crack a well deserved cold one and it's only 9am. Reset the lines sit back for the smooth ride home... but the work wasn't over yet. Halfway back to the harbor we take a triple Short Bill Marlin strike, one comes unhooked. We worked the other two heavy metal gold reels until at leader, then hand line the slimy guys over the gunnel. Once again well deserved cold ones are cracked and we reset the lines and motor on. Finally arrive to just out front of the harbor and find another bird pile that we just couldn't pass up... two more Aku... everyone smiling! I can't complain. - RM