15 Sep '09


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Please come down to Neon Neon this Saturday @ SOHO in support of our brother Kenny and his recent diagnosis with Leukemia. Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry will also have a booth set up the same night inside of SoHo, between 7 - 9PM. If you haven't, please take a couple minutes to sign up; its absolutely free! We're humbly asking for everyone's help in the search for a bone marrow match and transplant. Below is a personal message from Kenny himself along with more info on how you can help out.
“My name is Kenneth Brimer and I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphotic Leukemia. The doctor says that I have a good chance to be elected to have stem cell transplant. You can’t believe how unexpected this is, at my age (36). I have it in me to get over this…. but it seems like the fight is only half the battle. I need the fight of other people along with mine to kick this.” “Thank you for all of the help.” - Kenneth Brimer


Please visit either Club Mumble or the above PayPal logo above to make PayPal donations to support the transplant expenses.
[Frontside rocker at Cannon Club]

[Kenny & The Hulkster getting physical]


Please click photo above to join and register for the Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Once you're there, click "Join Registry," "Join Now," then complete the survey. Mahalo for your support!