19 Sep '13

Spinner Dolphins

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This experience is on the top of my 'Craziest things i've ever experienced list', or Buckets list, if you prefer. To see wild Spinner Dolphins in its natural habitat, swimming freely, as cliché as this may sound, was an unreal experience. As i swam out, thoughts of the worst case scenarios played uncontrollably in my head, pretty much the feeling you get while watching The Discovery Channel on Shark Week.
Just like any other new experiences in life, first step is always the hardest, in this case, it was swimming out into the deep blue with a few of my friends. On this adventure, i joined some of a few friends i would trust if a zombie apocalypse were to go down. The people i go on excursions with, Lynn Honda, Nina Kim, Nari Song, Stephen Suzuki, and Cory Yap.
The night before, we got a tip from Nina that they'd be out, who also happens to be a chemist, but who knows what relation they have to Spinner Dolphins being out in their natural habitat. All i knew is, we trusted her and believed her, as if she had these mammals on speed dial. With a little bit of luck and experience in swimming, that morning we swam with a friendly pod of these beautiful creatures.
While editing this piece, i let the dolphins do the swimming as i recorded. I left the clips to play as long as I could, in raw and uncut form. I wanted to give off the feeling as if you viewers were there as well. But as the age old saying goes, "You had to be there..." Cory expressed his experience, as our excursion came to a close like this, "These Dolphins pretty much ruined my day! Anything else that happens after this is gonna suck!"

Speaking of age old sayings, "Do our summers ever really end?' is a question always thrown out with sarcasm living here in Hawai‘i. Technically, according to science, summer season ends when the Autumnal Equinox begins, which is in a couple days.
For many, summer ends once school starts, or coming back from a long awaited planned vacation. But you must realize, we live in a place where people pay to be here. The access to a beach is only a drive away, or if you're lucky enough, its your backyard or even a walk away. I'd like to strongly suggest doing something you've never done before. It can be anything from hiking into the mountains, swimming in ocean, to venturing into town and trying that new food spot, possibilities are endless. So, i encourage you, to get out and do something. My mother always told me whenever I would say, "I'm Bored!", she would reply with her sarcasm and whit, "Only boring people get bored.".
As the Aloha Summer series comes to a close, it doesn't mean the adventuring stops. Stay tuned for more. Never Stop Exploring.