04 Mar '15


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Spent Saturday morning paying my respects to my dear friend, Kai's recently deceased father, on the sacred grounds of the Royal Mausoleum in Nuuanu. I have been coming to Mauna Ala since I was a teenager with skateboard in hand, and no skate mission to downtown was complete without a trip to Kai's house to unwind. Kai's family has been caring for the Fragrant Hills for generations, and the first stories I heard on the grounds were told by Kai's grandma; each story proved to be a chicken skin moment every time she spoke. After grandma's passing, Kai's dad, who we all affectionately called Uncle Bill, shared with us much history of the special property, and again each story proved to give chicken skin to all listening. Now with Uncle Bill's passing it will be Kai's turn to keep the tradition and history alive and well for the next generation. The knowledge of the past that the Maioho family possesses, cannot be learned in any Hawaiian history books; these facts were passed along orally from person to person.
The private memorial service was done in typical Hawaiian style with luau, food, and music to be enjoyed by all the Maioho ohana and friends. More of a celebration of life than a funeral, the day brought back many memories of days gone by. The best part of the day came when Kai's auntie called everyone to come sing along to some of Uncle Bill's favorite Hawaiian songs. Even though us skaters, Kai's friends, were the only ones in attendance who were not related by blood, she made it a point to let us know that we were welcome and considered family; for this, I am forever grateful. Uncle Bill you will be missed, but not forgotten. Aloha - RM