28 Aug '17


Posted by admin in Simple Leisure
Dawn 5 miles offshore with not a another boat in sight. The colors of the sky only lasted for a few moments and the electricity in the air the same but wow it was simply incredible. What this photo doesn't show is me waking up Capri at 3:30am then us trailering the boat to the opposite side of the island and launching before dawn all in hopes of catching something for the dinner table. Let me just be clear about something, my daughter was not required to be my first mate, she chose to. She also knew that landing a fish was not guaranteed (we got skunked!) and that it was highly likely that she would have to endure more than a few hours of nausea and dizziness (which she did with no complaints). And still she insisted on joining me. This particular trip took place on Admissions Day which was a holiday for the school she attends. Even though she wasn't learning anything within the confines of the classroom I do believe she learned plenty that day, things like how to set the lures, what birds to look for when trolling and how to reel in the lines properly. Most importantly she learned that life is not always easy and paying dues wether on the ocean or on land is all part of life. Aloha - RM