25 Apr '13


Posted by admin
Recently added another kayak to the fleet and have been eagerly waiting for the right time to test it out since it is equipped with a rudder. My yak consultant Mr. Carlyon assured me that once I go rudder I will never go back. Being a person that believes less is more having all the added hardware on the simple boat didn't have me to pumped. So yesterday the rain finally cleared by early morning and nobody was at the office yet so I decided head out to my favorite spot in town. Checked my usual launch spot and the tide was so low that it wouldn't allow for access to the outside reef. Checked spot number two and the water didn't look so promising there either and by this time I was ready to head back to the warehouse and get to work but thought maybe check one more spot. After navigating ridiculous mid morning traffic I finally arrive at the third launch spot. OK now we are talking.. lots of sun, lots of sand and lots of glassy ocean. Drag the rig down to the beach and push off and hop in the yak. Oh shit this is hella uncomfortable!... with my feet on the rudder pedals my knees are in my chest. Didn't help that I improperly installed the high back seat either... so by this time I'm looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame... and extremely novice. Luckily I'm the only one around. Get about a 1/2 mile offshore and I am over it... always nice to be on the water but the lack of comfort had my mind made up... time to go in. Well as you can tell from the pics just as I am turning around to head back to shore the 12lb test line starts peeling of the reel and off the ugly stick like never before. So fast in fact that I begin to see the gold of the reel and I am in real danger of getting spooled. Now we are having fun!! Quick drag adjustment and it's on... after a 10 min tug of war with this feisty fish I get it close to the yak and see that it is the biggest and strongest fish I have hooked up with yet on the kayak. Happened to have a small gaff with me and thankfully so. I mean I have caught a few pelagics on a boat but there is something really intimate about fishing of a kayak. Anyways head in and forget all about the cramped paddling position and feeling proud. Share a few flip phone pics with the boys and they all said that the Kagami Sashimi is choice. Mr. PK from Paiea Projects volunteered to slice this bad boy up and did a fine job if you ask me.