04 Jan '13


Posted by admin
So after enjoying a few pau hana beverages with myself at the office, I pitched the idea of an early morning hike to the boys; Sacred Falls being the destination. I got the the usual response "What are you crazy?!" I guess the flash flood warnings, 25mph winds and occasional rain squalls had them spooked. Whatever live a little. Ended up peer pressuring a couple into a 6am rendezvous where we would load up the man van and boogie. Kaiser showed up on time even after getting his disco on at Addiction until 2am. Spencer was late as usual... not a morning person apparently. Teddy the jolly manong was a no show... nothing ... not even a courtesy call. Okay, we need to fill space and it's 6am, who can we call? Schola of course! I call him and he is game.... my man! We finally get in the vicinity and make the mistake of asking Kaiser to get an exact location with his smart phone. You see it has been over 20 years since I have hiked there and my memory is a bit cloudy. Kaiser and his phone got us lost ( note to self - you were right all along smart phones aren't that smart!) So we resort to asking a local resident "where stay" he tells us in the most correct English that the entrance is across from a building with a turtle on it. If you have ever been to Hauula, you know every house has a frickin' turtle on it. After dodging a few City and County workers we hit the trail and it's quite pleasant if I do say so myself. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a crazy spiritual guy but it was as if something was drawing me up to the waterfall... pulling even. We get there and you could feel the energy in between these immense canyon walls almost like it was confined and needed the pressure to be released. Unreal. We sit down at the waters edge and begin to take it all in and just as Schola is about to get ready for a dip in the pool a football sized rock literally comes from the sky and explodes just inches from us. If you are familiar with the history of this place you will understand why we exited the valley with haste and respect. - RM