15 May '15


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Routine Thursday here, rose at 4:00am, meet with first mate Sky 4:30am, load and gas boat 4:45am, trailer boat out to Waianae harbor 5:45am, launch boat and motor out to R buoy 6:30am, two Aku and a Shibi in the boat 7:00am, head 14 miles out to the pinnacle looking for Ahi and find a bird pile worthy of National Geographic but the rough seas make it difficult to stay on the pile 9:00am, head towards the point 10:00am, long rigger pops on the 1000 fathom and Sky reels in a piece of a cargo net 11:00am, shit!, get to the point and take a double Shibi strike on the corners at noon, stoked!, see schooling Mahi jumping all over so continue to work the area 1:00pm, running just inside the 40 in front of Yoks the long rigger pops and Sky reels in a Mahi 1:45pm, redemption!, slow and steady troll back to the harbor 2:45pm, put the boat back on the trailer and wash the bloody decks 3:15pm, hydrate with a Cuzzo Light 3:45pm, good times!, trailer boat back to the east side 4:45pm, unload gear and cut fish 5:45pm, tired, knocked out cold right on schedule 7:00pm, good night. Thankful - RM