20 Sep '12


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Special birthday trip here. Kristen turned 28 this past weekend and to celebrate we kept it Matthyssen style. Decided to shine the discotheque and bottle service and head way down south. Nothing better than getting away from it all.. no traffic, no neighbors, no tourists... no problems. The most southern point in the U.S. has no shortage of places to explore and we had at it. Fishing with my lucky charms in tow definitely paid off. We took a two man kayak out with Kristen and Capri riding shotgun and myself on the back with a pole and a paddle, then proceeded to slow troll and hooked up a couple pieces almost instantly (everyone screaming and yelling!). There is something uniquely rewarding about being 200+yards off shore and picking up breakfast on a kayak with your Wife and Daughter and not another soul in sight. -RM