23 Dec '14


Posted by admin in Big Island Flow

Its a couple of days early for a #throwbackThursdays post but I was going through old videos and found a couple gems. This one was a video that I took in 2007 (I think) when we decided to take a company trip to the Big Island. We planned on going on trail to where you could see the lava from the volcano flowing into the ocean. The trail didn't really do it for us, so we decided to veer a bit off trail and make our own. However it was just 3 of us that decided to go on this adventure, so it was myself, Ges and Cuzzo that decided we were going to get a better view. Now, I have never seen anything like this in my life and it was amazing to say the least. Words can't even describe the feeling standing there, feeling the heat of the lava below your feet, the sound of the lava crashing into the ocean, watching everything that is going on and just being in awe. Money can't buy that kind of experience! Damn, I'm miss Hawaii haha. Anyway, wanted to share this with all of you. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!