07 Oct '10


Posted by admin in Escape To Paradise
Just got a message in a bottle from PK.

Ioarana Fitted! Huahine is the shit! Perfect waves, pristine waters
and breathtaking scenery. I've been here for two weeks now. No plans,
no time restraints, not a care in the world. Life is simple… and slow.
We wake up, check the waves, have some breakfast,  surf, fish burgers
for lunch, surf again, steak fritz or poison cru for dinner, then
match boxes and hinanos with the boys all night.
The locals are VERY protective of their waves (with good reason) so I
have no surf shots to show how amazing it is here. But as our friend
Teps explains it, "ten waves… ten barrels, twenty waves… twenty
barrels, hundred waves… hundred barrels and thats not including
doubles and triples. Every wave PERFECT man!" Its no wonder why guys
like Tamaroa rip so hard.
We sank our boat yesterday and spent today playing tourist around the
island while the motor dried out. Got a small dose of history and
culture seeing the maraes and fishponds in Maeva. Being here makes me
wonder what Hawaii was like way back in the good ol days. If you never
hear from me again, you'll know where i'll be!