21 Feb '11


Posted by admin

For the past two and a half years, I've been really trying to take care of my health and body by better diet and exercise. After getting into a workout routine, it's very important to switch things up. To say we are blessed to be born and raised in Hawai'i is an understatement. Which leads me to my post about the Pill Box. A super easy in and out hike that packs a punch in terms of scenery. The hardest part is the beginning which gets you breathing, by the time you reach the top and see Mid pacific golf course on one side and Kaneohe to Waimanalo on the other side you forget that you even had to climb to get here. Another great piece of scenery are the Mokulua islands (better known as the Moks) which are twin islands that functions as a State bird sanctuary and regulated by state laws. One of the islands has an actual canyon as well a black sand beach.