14 Oct '13


Posted by admin
There are no persons more superstitious than gamblers with the exception of fishermen. Fishermen are extremely weary of anything that may jinx the trip and I myself am no different. I guess you could say each trip is a gamble... any of you willing to bet a few hundred bucks of gas, ice, snacks and beverages as well as the better half of your nights sleep that you will catch a fish in the deep blue sea?. No... I didn't think so. My Uncle just happens to be the kind of man who is willing to make that bet every weekend, weather and family obligations permitting and I have found myself becoming more and more the like. So when ideal weather and a free window from my usual parental duties presented itself I was stoked to join in on this weekends bet. Things started off different from the get go...I woke up late due to sharing one to many cuzzo lights with the team at the warehouse the night before, I know shocking isn't it! So when Uncle texts me at 5am "WTFAU" I knew it was going to be an interesting day.
I met Uncle and his trusty first mate Simi at the harbor and we get underway around 6am. Head straight out and find what we think is an Aku pile which turned out to be a school of baby Mahi. Caught a few looked them over and let them go, CNR. We keep pushing out and find the treaded pilot whales who always let you know who is boss by their bullyish swimming style. So we motor on looking always looking when we get a Ono strike in the blind, decide to double back and see if any more are around when we spot a school of bull Mahi feeding. We get hit 3 times but only land 2 due to Uncle's botched gaff job on one of the smaller ones. A few other boats show up and the bite stops just as fast as it started but it doesn't matter though because our gamble had paid off, but we had no idea how much it was going to pay off until high noon.
As we head due north on what has undoubtedly got to be one of the most glassy days on the water in my recent memory we hook up with every big game fisherman's dream the majestic PBM. Nothing strikes like these big pelagic fish and at 12 o'clock we engaged in what was to become a 1 1/2 hour battle that tested our wit and strength to the fullest. As Simi and I traded turns on the Penn 80 Uncle sat high in his new Captain's chair heckling us in between strict directions, "none of that two hand bullshit!" he said as I tried my best to keep tension on the line while working the reel handle with two hands. This was my strongest fish to date and I have caught a few big fish in my short gambling career. Needless to say Captain's direction and teamwork paid off big time this trip. - RM