05 Mar '14



Aloha all,
How's everyones shoe game lookin'?! Been noticing a lot of gems at the consignment stores lately... Be sure to go check out Truest Hawaii, Paradise Drive Sneaker Boutique, and Nameless to keep up with what they've got! One of my favorite things about sneaker hunting is walking into a spot and totally finding something I least expected to see... Diggin' for gems will always produce great memories. By the way, you can still go down to these stores this month and receive 30% off their brand tees at all three spots if you mention OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS!
In other news, the universe told me to expect a Yeezy 2 iD some time in the future. Soon? ...not sure. The universe tends to be pretty credible though...
Wutup to my bro Kris Edward! ...Peep homie's sneak game at the bottom! Enjoy your week!
Nike Air Trainer SC II "Knicks"
Although I can't say SC II's were amongst my favorites, I fell like every sneaker lover NEEDS to own a pair... Nike's "The Jackson 5" ad from back in the day was an unforgettable one for me.
Nike KD 6 EXT "Floral"
Grandma curtains with matching tablecloth... Sorry KD lovers; this one's a stretch for me...
Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Elephant Print"
Whoa... These are for the stuntazzz! haha. These look printed; it's too bad they can't get the same exact texture as real elephant print... I definitely think a fully wrapped foam with original elephant fabric would be much more ill!
Nike Zoom Speed TR "Hawaii"
"Eh, go home! We no like dat kine fufu stuffs ova hea!" LOL. If you're going to exploit the idea of Hawaii, at least come up with a more legit floral pattern than your average China-made, swap meet Aloha shirt... just saying.
Nike Womens Air Huarache Woven
Bangerz for the ladies! Go!
Air Jordan XI Low "Concord"
I tried one of the previous XI lows that dropped last year, but it didn't quite work out... They nice, but will NEVER compare to the highs. OG or no G.
Air Jordan II "Night Shade"
Is this real?! ...cool techniques, but overkill.
adidas EQT Racing
I like different... Could I wear these on my feet though??? ...Probably not. lol. Maybe it's the color way?
Puma Trinomic XS850 OG
Damn... I really wish Puma was releasing these when I was working there... sTgKsodkljwoFuckElhgosidkl.
New Balance ML655
I'll definitely give these a shot if I can get my hands on one... Diggin' the classic NB look and the shape looks decent. Made In The USA please?
Size? Harrods x New Balance 574 Collection
Those grey one's looking quite nice... I wish I had more of a love for 574's though. I think the blue pair could've used a lighter sole if you ask me.
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: irockmykicks | Sapatos Connoisseur
Kris Edward
Nickname / AKA:
Originally from South side Paranaque Manila now residing in West side Waipahu
My size:
My hustle:
CAD Designer
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
Hmmm, I’m not an "OG" as what everyone says nowadays. I started getting into sneakers around 2003, when I could finally afford to buy shoes, and when I actually realized my feet wouldn't grow anymore. But always had the fascination with footwear since elementary, although I could never afford to buy shoes back then. I always admired my friends that rocked them P4,000 pesos ($100) shoes haha.
How many pairs I own:
Last I counted around 86 pairs. Traded, sold and added a few more within the past year.
My Holy Grail:
I have two – Nike Air Max 1 Premium “Atmos” Cement and Nike Dunk SB “Tiffany”. I got my pair of tiffs from a good friend of mine that actually introduced me to the game... s/o @djwreckone. I blame him for being broke all the time. For the Air max “Atmos,” I mean, well what can I say, just look at that thing... It’s just beautiful.
My most despised footwear and why:
I don’t despise any footwear or brand but you will never see me in a pair of Vans or Crocs. Not hatin on those who wear them. My wide feet just don’t love Vans and for Crocs…hmm well what can I say? Lol
Currently hunting for:
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel lyte 3 “Salmon toes” and some Jordan Royal 1’s
So anyone reading this that can hook a brotha up, let me know.
Amazing sneaker-related story:
Im sure most of us had a bad experience or got scammed at least once. Now let me tell you my story. Solecollector marketplace, and the deal was to trade my Space Jam for some Heineken Sb’s. Kids user name was “MthaFxinDario” real name: Richard Munson from Vallejo, CA. So I sent my shoes to CA, like a typical idiot would do thinking he got a good deal coming. And vwhaalaa!! He received the shoes but never sent the trade. Days past and still no word. Till a random forum member messaged me saying he got scammed by the same “MthaFxinDario” and tells me that the boy left CA and moved back to Philippines. Hmmm, fishy right? So I investigated and found out that I am talking to the same guy but using a different user names. He has been building up his feedbacks with 4 of his accounts. So I decided to take actions. Back then, “Forumshawaii” was the popular thing on the island. I got in touch with one of the admin (cant remember his name) and asked if he can help me out. I gave him the kids name and address 30 min later he emailed me back with kids parents names, siblings and mortgage loan details. Long story short, wrote him all the information that I got about him, told him I was gonna forward the issue to his high school principal and a day later…got a tracking no. from him plus $100 inside my shoe when I got it.. oh and this message..
“Kris, i hope you can just drop everything and get me banned or something. Im done with iss man. Im outa here for good. Im done scamming. You really taught me a serious lesson. I just now realize i have a whole life to still live knowing that im still in highschool. All i want is for you to ban me and ignore everyone else. Hey maybe in a couple years when i get more shoes from my cousins, and go to college ill sell them to you for really low price just for helping not telling my school”
Lesson learned!! Lol.
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
“Nike Flyknit Trainers” hands down the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned.
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
Computers run almost everything. Sad to say it is now dominating the sneaker world. We all can agree that no life is worth losing for a pair of rubber. As big corporations such as Nike try to find different ways to eliminate all transgression with any shoe release, their “online” resolution is now but a vast money making business for some. Bots and “special add to cart” programs run the game, AND IT SUCKS!! Years back, we all thought camping out for days or countless hours was stupid, but normal. Now paying someone that has the latest program to pick up the latest drop is now but a normal thing. As if retail value wasn’t high enough, we now have to pay outrageous prices just to be able to snag a pair. So what changes am I hoping for? I am just hoping to have fast f**king internet so my f**king BOT can destroy all these other damn BOTS!!! LMFAO.. Nah nah nah… I don’t have one lol. Seriously tho, I hope Nike can figure out a way to make it fair for everyone. I don’t know if it’s possible. The least they could do is to make it equal for all. I am not hating on those who see this thing as business opportunity. It’s a free country. But I will admit it does take away the very true meaning of this passion and it sucks big time camping out online knowing you never stand a chance.
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
There is no question 2013 was all about collaborations. And since every damn shop or brand nowadays are jumping on the wagon. I would love to see what Ronnie Fieg would do with some Nike footwear. Hmm I wonder what base model shoe he would use…..
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
To my entire fellow sneaker connoisseurs and those who are just starting, It’s just shoes! there is more to life than just having nice pair of footwear. Do not judge a person with what shoes they are wearing and don’t let your shoes define who you are. Stay humble and grounded. You are no better person than the person in front of you just cause your rockin some OG or limited ishhh. Lastly, “Quality over Quantity.” When you realize this statement is true then you know you’ve matured. Goodluck to yall.
Shout out to John @took_hnla (he's my idol, I heard he's now known as #runnergod), @mykeesoull, @werdupstu, @Hawaiisneakerheads, “HSSBU Elite team,” “About the Goods,” Brandon @sheknowB and @Truestorytextiles, Mark aka @mjrod1985 (for all the sick shots of my shoes... dopest photographer on the island), and to all my fellow sneaker connoisseurs on the island that ive met, yes YOU! (you know who you guys are) and to you sir JJparkz truly humbled to be part of this. Maraming salamat!
E-mail: krisralleca@yahoo.com
A question for Parkz:
Kris: A question to the man himself? Hmmm I read most of your interviews and don’t wanna give you a hard time lol. Share us a story about your experience. What’s your worst sneaker related story? If you don’t have one.. What is the longest hunt you have had for a shoe… And what shoe was it?
Parkz: Hmmm... I'll skip my "worst sneaker experience" and go on to the second question, only because I hate digging up shitty memories... Haha! My longest hunt though... I've had many throughout my time as a sneaker lover, but I'd have to say my longest has been just about 9 or 10 years now (as I'm still currently hunting for them). As long as I can remember having a passion for sneakers, I've ALWAYS wanted a pair of brand new, crispy white with the Emerald gradient speckled sole, Nike Air Force 180 Pump Hi's that were released in '91 (worn by David Robinson). I believe they retailed for a whopping $175 (an unheard of amount back then) and sat on the shelves because of it. As each year passes, my chances of finding a deadstock pair rapidly decreases and I fear I will never get to own a pair. They recently retroed the White/Emerald colorway in a mid, but taking away the pump in the ankle just killed it for me. Even if I did find a pair in good condition, I'd probably need to sole swap them to be wearable so I guess I'm glad they retroed the mid. One day my friend! LOL
Interview by: JJ Parkz