04 Dec '13



Aloha all,
I hope all of your Black Fridays were enjoyable! Had a very fun and successful event at FITTED this year so thank you to all those who made it out! Gonna keep it light on the opinions this week, but that definitely does not apply to the interview... At the least, please scroll to the bottom and check brother Nasarok a.k.a. Bainoa and his interesting opinions and stories! I've also decided to start this weeks post off with a few of my favorite photos from the @oldsolenewtricks Instagram that got posted this week. Keep enjoying your holidays, friends!
photo 3
CNCPTS x Nike SB Dunk High "Ugly Christmas Sweater"
They weren't kidding... lol. Props for staying true to the CNCPT!
Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 4
Never really got into hunting Kobes... Too sporty for me, but they're really comfortable though!
Nike Air Max 95 No-Sew
How many different Air Max versions do they have now?! ...I've lost count.
adidas adiZero Primeknit Boost
Always chasing... I wish that wasn't the case. The photo is a pretty blatant bite too... Bring back more of the classics!
Saint Alfred x New Balance 1500
Tonal. White midsole. Gum bottom. Clean. Seems a little close to some of NB's in-line stuff to be a collaboration though... I dig these, but I also like to see a bit more creativity with projects at the same time.
Sole Collector x Nike Air Zoom Flight "The Glove"
Cool, but not amazing... Been a fan of SC since their debut issue in 2003 (which I still own a crispy original copy of, thanks to my brother @nujak_hustla); glad they're still going strong!
BAIT x Asics Gel Lyte III "Basics Program"
These are cool... Will try.
Dover Street Market NY x Nike Air Python
Simple with a fabric hit... I can deal with it. Wish I could attend the grand opening on the 21st!
BWGH x Puma R698 "Bluefield"
Visually feels like a New Balance with all that navy suede... I like em though.
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Nasarok | Nostalgic Sneaker Activist
Kainoa Bielen
Nickname / AKA:
It looks like Bainoa these days but usually Kai or Nasarok.
Boston, MA. 617
Shoe size:
My hustle:
Restaurant/bar life pays the bills but I hope to own a sneaker related business one day.
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
I'd have to say 1986 was when i first recall loving a pair of kicks and taking care of them. The 80's was a groundbreaking era. Hiphop was in its early stages and breaking and graffiti was relatively new and exciting. It was all about style and having your own individuality and breaking the mold unlike today. I feel blessed to grow up in Boston/east coast during those years. The rawness of that era to me is unparalleled.

How many pairs I own:
Uggh, many over the years.. From Saucony to Nike, New Balance to Asics, Adidas, Ellesse, Pony, Fila, Kangaroos, Reebok, Puma, Tims, 40belows, Wally Clarks, Frye boots to Durango's. Total maybe 250 over a 20yr span. Back then you beat em all and trash em after or traded/gave them away. I left some in Boston and flew to HI in '03 with only about 6-8 pairs on me. Id say since living here I was floating around 70 pairs until a few yrs ago. I've sold/traded many and donated pairs as well. Now I'm sitting comfortably at +/-40 pairs with very few regrets. I'd rather have a tight collection than a overflowing closet.
Quality > all
My Holy Grail:
I don't believe in grails or at least what they rep today (mega hyped, super limited w/ridiculous resell value) Oh it cost 3k... thats my grail. Thats garbage. There was no ebay or forums back in the day telling you what was dope or how much it was worth and in my opinion, that's what kept it real. A grail should be a personal desire; one you hunted around for and got amped about when you finally found it. As great as the internet is, theres nothing better than finding something on ur own. Paypal'ing your way down a list just seems dry to me. Maybe everyone would be happier if I just said Paris or Pigeons...idk
My most despised footwear and why:
Honestly, anything a girl wears thats looks like it came off the set of 300. This is not Sparta.
Currently hunting for:
SB Sharks, Saucony Pink Devils and NB 1500BGT. Autobahn Nights are the only new release I want at the moment.

Amazing sneaker-related story:
If you ask the youth these days what sneaker company is the most iconic 99.9% would probably say Nike hands down but growing up in Boston in the early eighties, adidas (known in Boston as A-dogs) were a big part of our sneaker culture. With hiphop and bboying on the rise combined with it's overall appeal, adidas fit nicely into our daily footwear of choice as well as being associated with most of our inner city sneaker stores. Sometimes depending on the style/model kids wore, you could get a general idea what area of the city they were from. Wearing Nike in certain sections of Boston sometimes even got you beaten up and/or left walking home shoeless aka "3 stripes or no stripes." The identification with the brand amongst Bostonians was big. Kids threw up three fingers to rep the Bean while simultaneously representing the obvious...three stripes. So next time you see that three finger dap or a Celtics player put up three fingers after a 3 pointer.. yes he scored 3pts, but please believe he is really showing respect to Boston. I don't know if that qualifies as amazing but it's true.
> "So put on your Adidas and step off. I gotta have it!" -ED O.G.
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
Thats tough. I guess a nice fat tongue/fat heel OG SB. Cushy ankles!
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
Simple. I just want people to buy kicks they truly want. I hear so many guys getting into runners which is dope, but then follow up with "oh but Asics only." It kind of irks me. There's so many ill kicks out there. If you're gona branch out, why not keep an open mind to all?
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
It's hard to expect a mega corporation to be a rebel but things like that are what put them on the map in the first place. I think that's where collabs succeed in execution cuz it combines the corp backing with a fresh mind/eye untainted by execs lust for mass appeal.
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
I'm already ramblin' so to make it short.. all my Boston fam, Laced Boston, Bodega, and anyone else pushing sneaker culture. Props to Kicks/HI, In4, APB, 808, LSDT, Truest and of course you, Ola, Rene, Kaboe and FITTED for always dropping gems while tying in Hawaiian culture simultaneously. Also big props for OSNT keeping heads intune and open to all styles and brands.
IG: @noooaah
Soundcloud: http://m.soundcloud.com/nasarok
A question for Parkz:
Kainoa: What first got you involved with Fitted and what upcoming ventures do you have in mind? Oh and you guys always use nice premium materials so I'll be waiting for that Fitted runner collab! lol peace
Parkz: Hmmm... I'll try keep this as simple as possible. lol. Basically, I was fortunate to catch the tail end of the 90's at an age where I could be appreciative of that era/growing culture (I may have not known it then, but I sure do now). Like you mentioned, style and individuality was a lot different back then, and even quite odd to "normal people" here in the islands. I remember always having some kind of burden on my shoulders about being looked at as a unique individual. I graduated from a Hawaiian school, so back then everyone was worried about new slippers and boardshorts while I struggled to keep my new Shelltoes, BK's, Dunks, etc., clean... I was young, irritating, and very persistent about keeping up with the coolest things; you could probably go ask any of the O.G. shopworkers from all the local lifestyle brands and shops out here and they'll tell you how much of a little hypebeast (before the word existed) I was.. HA! Anyhow, I was introduced to FITTED owner, Ola, by the owner of In4mation, Jun Jo, at his New Years house party years and years ago... From there, it was a wrap. I guess I managed to bug Ola and Cuzzo enough for them to finally give me a job! Haha! It was always a dream of mine to work/own a lifestyle boutique. There's a long ways to go, but I guess you can say it's been a dream come true so far. I've now been with the company, my family, for about 8 years now and I have 100% confidence that this business will grow tremendously and bless me with a brighter future.
As for upcoming ventures... We have so many amazing things in store for our future that I couldn't possibly ruin the surprise! On a more general tip though, we will be voyaging across the great Pacific to finally show our line at the Agenda Trade Show in January... Crossing fingers!
Lastly, runners. Crossing fingers on that one too! Haha! I appreciate the interview homie! Big ups!
Interview by: JJ Parkz