16 Oct '13



Aloha all,
Today features another special interview of a good friend who now resides somewhere in the Great West. Some of you may recognize him as a big part of the once great, but short-lived, Niketown Waikiki (R.I.P.) dominion... The way I see it, there's really only two types of people in this world: (1) people who are friends with Wells P, and (2) people who recognize Wells P! Haha joking! ...but seriously. lol! If you don't happen to make it through my boring commentary on the new releases, please be sure to take interest in the OSNT Interview below!
On another note, students, how's everyones midterms going?! Semester is halfway done; keep pushing!
PS - 10.26.13. Yeezy taught me.
The Good Will Out x New Balance 577 "Autobahn Pack"
I dig. Both colorways have a little twing... I especially like the mis-colored heels on the dark pair... Go: The Good will Out
BAIT by Akomplice x Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 "6,200 Ft."
Limited to 504 pairs, individually numbered on each 'lift ticket’ hangtag. Will release on BAIT store’s one year anniversary, October 19th.
Asics "Christmas Pack"

Ooohh... Them khaki's look nice...
Bodega x Reebok Classic Leather "U.S.B.D.G.A."
Cool concept but the yellow toe box is a tad bit much for me... Too bad it probably won't come with the dynamite box. Visit: Bodega Store
Nike Kobe 8 "What the Kobe"
nike kobe 8 what the kobe 2013
It's obvious that Nike doesn't have plans to stop the "What the" Program... Although Kobe's aren't my thing, I think these are nice compared to other "What the" models... I'm sure these will create quite the buzz as every "What the" has in the past...
Nike Air Foamposite One - Silver - Volt
It's been a while since a Foamposite been on here... Nike still trying to push the print I see. At least this time it's a bit more cooled down with a tonal look.
Nike Air Jordan I Retro High OG "Bred"
...Patiently waiting. 12/28!
Nike Air Jordan Retro Summer 14 Preview
A few good 'ol mature pairs of J's on deck... I was starting to feel like I was permanently looking through a kaleidoscope! ...Thank you JB!
Nike Air Max 1 Jacquard
Really feeling the use of jacquard here... Very clean, yet just enough flare to excite the eyes.
Nike WMNS Air Max 1 "Liquid Gold"
Gold all in my... shoes?! Bougie, Classy, Ratchy all in one! haha
Nike Flyknit Lunar One V2
I'm digging how they added more of a two-toned look... Can't wait to see the upcoming color ways. I still think they could've exercised the first model a lot more, but oh well...
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Wells P | Ex-Niketown Waikiki Employee, Boss, 'That Guy'
Wellington Phillips III
Nickname / AKA:
Wells P
Shoe size:
My hustle:
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
20 Years. Since 1993.
How many pairs I own:
Last count... 625 (620 Nike)
photo (2)
My Holy Grail and why:
With so many choices it's hard to narrow down to 1! Ok I have 2. First would be : Nike Dunk Hi- Sole Collector Finals. Only released in Vegas for the finals, I have # 38 out of 300. One of the first shoes to use multi-panel 3m to tell a story. Second would def be a pair of Melo PE Jordan 11 Lows. 1 of 2 pairs made.
My most despised footwear and why:
I absolutely despise of those toe shoes. And also CROCS. D E S P I S E... They look like they harbor germs. Uggs. Self Explanatory.
Currently hunting for:
Nike Air Max 1 ATMOS. Been looking for those for YEARS. Anyone with a size 8.5-9 holla at me!
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
Tie. Nike Air Miler and Nike Air Max 95 in Neon. If I could only take 1.... AM95
Amazing sneaker-related story:
Got 2. One was walking into the Portland Factory Store to grab keys to a friends apt, And being there as they got these Jordan 1's that kinda fell out of the sky.. happened to be the Banned 1's. Picked up 3 pairs and bounced. 2nd Story is having Michael Jordan himself compliment me on my OG Jordan 12s. White and Red. We then had a short convo about sneakers and his fave pair (White Cement 3's).
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
Bots becoming obsolete. Give everyone a fair shot. I've been blessed to not go through the issues people go thru on a weekly basis, but I hear about it all. I also thought about a program where people can buy memberships at stores that guarantees 50% of the public reserved shoe and size. Raffle style. Like a yearly membership for say $500 that reserves your spot. 20% of each membership would then be donated to homeless shelters to provide shoes for those less fortunate. Give Back. The sneaker game has made people so much money off of a cheap product.
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
Keep things fresh. Don't ever get comfy and put out crap that allows your competitor to capitalize on your shortcomings.
photo (1)
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
At the end of the day IT'S JUST SHOES! Don't negate your Family, Friends, RENT, CAR NOTE, CELL BILL, and most importantly your JOB for sneakers. If you miss out it wasn't meant to be and your life will be the same. I've heard too many stories of people putting off rent for the new Jordans.. Disgusting.
S/O my OG Niketown Honolulu Ohana. We had something special there that will NEVER be duplicated. Can't close down the memories and history made there. It's like 95 of yall so I can't shout everyone out! haha.
S/O to you Parkz! We go back to Hawaiian Lit class way back Keep doing what your doing. Big Ups to my FITTED, KICKS/HI, In4Mation, The Firm , Noteworthy familia! Hawaii is in GREAT hands.
Both Instagram and Twitter: @Wells_P
A question for Parkz:
Wells P: If you could have access to a Jet weekly, where would you fly to cop sneakers?
Parkz: Wow, tough question! I haven't actually given this much thought in the past, but I'd probably have to answer this with a lot of elasticity... If I'm looking for new sneakers, I'd probably say: (1) Vegas, if I'm in the States. Vegas not only has a beautiful Niketown, a House of Hoops, and other sneaker shops such as Champs (shouts to my buddy S1da), Finishline, etc., but it's also home to just enough premium accounts to hold me down... Not to mention, there are good outlet stores such as Cole Haan for steal deals on more formal stuff. Shouts to CRSVR where some of the more recognizably popular sneakers can be found (i.e. Yeezys and Jordans), and also Feature where I was recently able to pick up a few premium Asics. Being that Vegas is a transient town, there's hardly long, exhausting lines for sneaker releases, which also results in a few things sitting on the shelves for a little. (2) Japan, if I'm outta country. Japan gets everything, plus more! I mean, would you expect anything less from a city (Tokyo) which manages to linger around the forefront of fashion..?! Not to mention, being that I'm a size 9, there's usually a plethora of stock in my size. If you're in Harajuku, Tokyo, there's a ridiculous amount of small, hole-in-the-wall stores that are filled with hidden treasure. Tokyo is one of those very few places in the world where you can set out on a sneaker hunting for a specific shoe and end up coming home with 10 satisfying pairs that you never expected to see in your life. Add the factor that sometimes the Japanese locals have different taste than Americans (which makes certain sneakers really easy to find) and you have yourself the perfect place to sneaker hunt! Only drawbacks: Gotta keep an eye on that currency exchange rate and be sure to know how to spot fakes! (3) Paris, to experience something new. I've never been there but I could imagine it'd be quite reckless to my wallet...
As for hunting old gems, I can't quite name a specific place I'd fly to... I'd like to say that I find really good older stuff in Tokyo as well, but I wouldn't be able to compare it to other possible places I haven't been to yet... Bottom line, if I had access to a Jet weekly, I'd definitely not limit myself to one place... This question was fun! Thanks Brother Wells!
Interview by: JJ Parkz