18 Sep '13



Aloha all!
Been such a busy week in the office that I havenʻt had much time to attend to sneakers... Priorities first! Iʻll just go ahead and start this week off with a few vintage Nike ads that I enjoyed from Complexʻs "40 Awesome Vintage Nike Sneaker Ads You Donʻt Remember."
EA Sports x Nike Air Trainer Max ʻ94
Glad they went with an unorthodox sneaker... A little wild, but it works! "It's in the game!"
Nike Air Tech Challenge II - 2014 Preview
YES! I was just talking about these the other week! (Shout to @justice__67) I couldn't be happier for any other retro!
Nike SB Janoski -Desert Camo Digital Floral
Of course they had to do more color ways... September 27th.
Nike Zoom MW Posite
These are so interesting to me that I would probably even wear them, even though these definitely aren't my style... Then again, if feel like ACG's are always kinda this way.
Air Jordan I '95 "Concord"
I'm sure these will sell out fairly quickly... Being sort of an O.G. purist (as noted by my friends and fellow collectors), these aren't really for me... However, I do feel that the execution of these looks like it's pretty on point.
Keith Haring x Reebok Classic Leather Lux
Not for me, but pretty interesting... Keith is legend.
Fila Cage "Re-Introduced Pack"
90's streetball retros for $70?! Thumbs up, Fila!
Tannery x New Balance 998 "40th Anniversary"
Been patiently waiting for these... I think I've mentioned a few times in the previous blogs. Excited about New Balance again...
SBTG x mita sneakers x New Balance MT580 Revlite
I've always been a fan of SBTG, as I feel their "look" is/was quite unique... Been to the mita store in Ueno, Japan not too long ago; That was tight too...
adidas Originals ZX 700
Diggin' the colors... Keep em coming, adidas!
Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory "Shark Attack"
Retro's of this exact sneaker for its 5 year anniversary, the originals featured actual shark leather... These don't feature shark leather, but they still pack a lot of bite!
BAIT x Asics Gel Saga "Phantom Lagoon"
I already posted this previously, but I'm gonna post it once more... They're that good.
Mark M.
Nickname / AKA:
The old dude at Fitted (How my daughter's classmates refer to me)
Shoe size:
My hustle:
Retired, HPD.
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
Since 1971, when Mid Pacific Institute's Cross Country Coach Johnny Faerber sold Onitsuka Tigers out of the trunk of his car to high school runners on the island.
How many pairs I own:
Wife says too many.
Amazing sneaker-related story:
Growing up, sneakers were for playing sports. Streetwear back then was a t-shirt, Stubbies shorts (oh my), and a pair of rubber slippers. Superstars and Dunks were used for basketball; Tigers and Air Max for running. Then, sometime in 2002, I saw a pair of multi-colored Dunks selling for 70 bucks at a store in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. I thought, "Oh wow, old school basketball shoes!" I knew I could not pass them up and bought them. At the time, I had no way of knowing they were called Viotech or that they'd be collectible. Later that evening, we ended up at Niketown and they had them for 5 dollars less! I wore them to a party and my sisters thought I looked weird, but my nephew said, "I love those shoes!" Soon after, I discovered through the internet, a store called Kicks Hawaii. On my first visit there, (the original store on the second floor) it opened my eyes to a whole new world of sneakers. Over time, I had to learn new vocabulary such as colorway, deadstock, quickstrike, among others.
Most despised footwear and why:
Fake kicks, period.
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
Space Jams, for the reasons stated.
Holy Grail and why:
Jordan XI Space Jam. My son went through the trouble of getting a pair of Space Jams on their release and gave them to me for Christmas. These are clearly my favorites and they're only worn on special occasions.
Currently hunting for:
The next SB Dunk design; curious to see their next project with Diamond Co.
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
No real changes. I'm quite partial to the Dunk design because its old school silhouette suits this old fart just fine. hahahaha
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
Bring back Niketown to Honolulu!!!! Please?!
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
We are living in great times. In the sneaker world, there's something for everybody. There are so many brands and shoe models available. Much thanks to Kicks Hawaii, In4mation, and APB Skateshop for bringing in merchandise that we would otherwise have to travel to the mainland or purchase through the internet in order to obtain.
A question for Parkz (by Mark M.): If you could design a pair of sneakers, what would it be like?
Hmmm... That's a great question! Lol. As a kid, I used to sketch sneaker designs a lot... Till this day, my Momma's favorite piece of artwork I've ever done, even throughout my whole career as an "artist," was a drawing of my own Nike Uptempo Airs she bought me when I was in 5th grade. Unfortunately, my 5th grade teacher never returned it, and now itʻs somewhere lost in the universe... Ma Dukes loved that drawing so much, she still occasionally bugs me about it... haha. To answer your question though, I don't quite think I'd be able to explain everything that's going on in my head in a short, quick paragraph. I'm a huge fan of older style sneakers so a lot of influence tends to stem from that when I put my pencil to the pad... If I truly had the capability of producing my own line of sneakers, I'd definitely do silhouette's in basketball, running, trainer, and casual walking categories for sure... I love straps (although they don't always belong on every style of shoe), different materials (I believe it takes skill to coordinate various materials that work well with each other), different logo placements (without being too busy), and subtle detail (sometimes puts the sneakers over the top for me)... On top of sneaker structure, another very important element of sneaker design is color... I love colors! I would say that the colors of my sneakers would be very unethical and possibly a tad uncomfortable to any normal consumer. It's a beautiful thing when a designer is somehow able to make colors that generally aren't supposed to work together, flow. Below are a few quick rough sketches I thought I'd add for fun... To be honest, I usually donʻt end up developing them further than a 10-minute sketch unless I really like it a lot. I know they don't look like much, but your question inspired me to have fun drawing again! Tough question, but very much enjoyed! Thank you Mark!
Interview by: JJ Parkz