04 Sep '13



Aloha all!
Been a heavy week for me on the Jordan side of things with the "Fear Pack" dropping... Did everyone check their numbers online? Out of the three, I gotta say the V's pleased me the most, which is quite unusual being that III's and IV's are amongst my favorite sneaker silhouettes of all time... Looking forward to a few good "runners" that release this weekend as they keep pushing their way back to the top of the trend totem. For those of you who started school, keep your sneakers clean while breakin' them necks! Haha... Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!
New Balance 1500
Here come the 1500's! Available at Caliroots!
Highs and Lows x Asics "Brick & Mortar" Pack
Can... Can... [insert headnod of approval]. Visit Highs and Lows, Australia...
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V "Volcano"
Damn you Ronnie Fieg!!! Why are you so ridiculous (in a good way)?! These sneakers are so good, they piss me off! ...Just caught a top view sneak peak of these on his IG (@ronniefieg) earlier this week and even that was more than enough to get me going! I guess I have a reason to hunt down issue 28 of Sneaker Freaker now... GAHHH!
Nike Air Max 1 Premium Tape "Glow in the Dark"
I remember being so ridiculously happy when I got a pair of "Glow in the Dark" Dunks back in '06, but I ended up never wearing them... Gonna pass on these, but anything that glows is always fun... lol.
Air Jordan Retro X GS - Red - Black
Kids, ladies, and baby footers, get ready! Not really a X person, but these are lookin' good...
Air Jordan V "Doernbecher"
I gotta say that for a really busy sneaker (always expected of Doernbecher), these actually came out 10 times better than I expected... I will most definitely try my hand at getting these as I'm purely curious of the construction and detail put in to these sneakers... Rest In Paradise Young Isaac...
Nike LeBron X Low "Reptile"
I've always wondered where and how Nike digs up inspiration... I feel like there's been quite a few irrelevant stretches lately...Or is it just me?!
Nike Air Max 90 "Camo Infrared"
Adding a trend to an all time classic is usually out of the question for me, but I actually don't mind these at all...
A.P.C. x Nike Air Max 1
Following up their last Nike Sportswear collaboration, A.P.C. Store adds a little color to a crispy clean color way and keeps the ever-beautiful gum sole. This might be weird, but I always wondered what Jordan's would look like if they replaced icy soles with gum... Gum is my homie!
adidas Orignals Torsion Integral
Not quite into this silhouette, but really diggin the color ways... Keep it going, adidas!
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Pedro "Juan" Rivera | AlohaHype Founder
Pedro "Juan" Rivera
Nickname / AKA:
Juan of AlohaHype
Shoe size:
My hustle:
10 Jobs - 1 Full Time. Oh Yeah & AlohaHype.Com
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 11.42.27 AM
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
Since 1988. My sister was in town recently and she saw HSS (Honolulu Sole Searchers sneaker group on FaceBook) on the screen… She said, "what is this??? Oh WOW!" She asked, "do they know you've been doing this since a kid? I remember in the old neighborhood, your kicks had to match your hat. If not, you was a buster." lol. I remember rocking green stripe adidas Shellheads with the Celtics Starter hat… UNLV starter jacket with matching lottos....
How many pairs I own:
At my height, 100 pairs literally, all almost DS lol. Now, since wifey trips, [lol] I buy a dope pair, bustem up and get a new pair… Two days after I bought the last hahahahaha.
Amazing sneaker-related story:
Someone I knew wanted a pair of Kobe's really bad, but he couldn't camp cause he's a single dad, has work, and his kid had school… I had the next day off from work so I camped for him in the rain. No profit. By the way, it was my first time ever camping… LEGIT CHECK, ASK JORGE TORRES. lol
Holy Grail and why:
Jordan 5 FIRE RED, 1990 version. I was so amped I had them, I almost dunked a basketball. I missed it but I'll never forget it. lmbo
Most despised footwear and why:
Anything priced $200 over retail... WHY? Just getting that feeling of getting ripped off sucks. hahahahaha
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
I scored 36 points in a high school basketball game in Bordeaux 7's; That feeling I want forever. I would rock them forever just to remind me of that day when I look down at my feet.
Currently hunting for:
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
That the game does a 360 in availability… Just being able to go online/in-store and copping what I want, when I want, at retail. Also that NIKE assumes responsibility for the wild world that the game has turned into (NOT PRICES BUT KIDS GETTING KILLED). Figure out a way; maybe create a sneakerhead forum on their site to hear our stories? IF THEY DONT CARE, then who will? Also, complainers… Stop complaining about the next man. HYPEBEASTS can't help it. If you you know you a TRUE head then that should be sufficient. Worrying about the next man is bitchassness. lol
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
I want to shout out all the down to earth people I have met in Hawaii since being here. I love Hawaii and would definitely give my life for it's survival. ALL THE FACEBOOK SNEAKERHEAD MEMBERS that have crossed paths with me. 99.9% all were, and are legit. I also want to send a HUGE shout out to JRDN "IA808" SALUD, JIK Johns, Joel Arakaki, YOU JJ PARKZ, FITTED HAWAII, my big brother Felix "El Gato" Delacruz (the real reason I came to Hawaii), and everyone who supports ALOHAHYPE.
WEB: http://www.alohahype.com
PH#: 808.4217879
Interview by: JJ Parkz