28 Aug '13



Aloha all!
How'd the "Fear Pack" go for everyone? Hope you all had golden tickets! Anyway, earlier this week I had the pleasure of participating in an interview with a good friend and loyal FITTED customer (for as long as I can remember), Jay Crisologo. Please be sure to go check out his blog, ELECTRIC BAMBOO; you may even be able to catch a sneak peek of an up and coming FITTED hat, who knows?! On the other side of things, I was lucky enough to have brother Jay participate in this weeks OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS Interview (below)! Make sure to scroll down and check it out! Have a nice week everyone!
Concepts x Sperry Top-Sider CVO Tie Dye
Although I've never owned this specific Sperry silhouette, I've always been a fan of their quality and appeal. On the Concepts end of this project, I really appreciate how they often bring light to a bit more underrated sneakers. The vibrant contrasting colors of this collaboration utilize two of the primary colors to provide a pleasing addition to any outfit. Concepts does it again...
Nike Dunk Free "Arago"
Different... and I like it. Releasing on August 29th at 21 Mercer in NYC.
KangaROOS Rage "Camo Pack"
WOW! Did ROOS finally just show up to the party?! Funny story... A really really good friend of mine (who now lives in Japan) would always swear by ROOS for the longest time. I never could understand it, but I guess he just couldn't get over the coolness of it having a pocket... Haha! I always thought it was pretty funny, yet his loyalty to the brand was admirable... I think I'll try to hunt these down and send him a pair or two for 'kicks...' Get it?! Lol
Converse First String Jack Purcell "Boro"
I've always known Jack Parcel to be some of the cleanest, classy, and conservative everyday sneakers... To see these emerging excites me. Very interesting techniques and fabrics while maintaining a beautiful image; Approve.
New Balance 1400 "Classic Grey"
Pleeeease tell me these are releasing here in the states! How ridiculously elegant are these?!
Bodega x New Balance 577 "HYPRCAT"
A bit busy, but I still really like them. Great choice of fabrics and color placements... Very well balanced sneaker. Soon to release over at Bodega.
Nike LeBron 11 "Terracotta Warrior"
The LeBron 11 is quite the successor to the 10 with a freshly technical and futuristic look. Being the Retro lover that I am, it was quite hard for me to acquaint myself with this silhouette at first, but I've grown to realize that these will play an important role in the evolution of sneaker design. I really like that these feature fresh and vibrant colors without it being too overbearing, but I don't think i can say the same for the millions of patterns that keep this shoe looking busy... Anyhow, good job on these "LeBron Team!"
Air Jordan V "Fire Red"
Although I'm a little upset that Jordan Brands eagerness to retro classic colorways is more than a bit pushy now, but I'm glad that these made it on the release calendar this year. I've never quite been a fan of reflective tongues, so naturally these and the "Grapes" are amongst my favorite V's... It's a bit of a drag that I haven't even wore my 06's, but it's always fun to compare quality and fabric differences... I guess. Lol.
Air Jordan V GS (Kids)
Please do not brag about these if you are over the age of 5 and have these on... Retro Jordan's should not have the same look and feel as Team Jordan's... Just my opinion.
Air Jordan 1 Skinny High GS (Kids)
Clot x Nike Air Max 1 SP
I can honestly say that one of my top 3 Air Max 1's are the clear toe Clots that released seven years ago… With that being said, I'm more than glad that they're finally doing another collaboration in this specific shoe. The ice bottom, speckled midsole, and beautifully embroidered back logo is more than enough to keep these circulating in my cluttered mind… A little weird, but the feet on the bottom of the soles are definitely Clot's touch.
Nike SB "Send Help 2"
Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11_06_59 AM
The orginal "Send Helps" were definitely one of my favorite SB Dunk Hi's ever... I like the idea of a second version, but I don't quite think this one competes with the first. Looks fancy and colorful enough for todays trends though... Lol.
Nike WMNS Air Pegasus '83 - Atomic Pink
My lady is gonna bug out over these... I may have just set myself up by putting em up on here. Haha! It's all good though because these deserve to be on here as much as my lady deserves these shoes... I'm aware of all the newer Pegasus silhouettes coming out in a million color ways, but please bring back more '83's Nike!!!
Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium NPCE QS
Love the silhouette, but I don't care for the design… Nike, please bring back more Trainers!!!
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Jay Crisologo | Kicks Destroyer
Jay Crisologo
Nickname / AKA:
Shoe size:
11-12, depending on how it feels on my feet.
I cook rice.
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
Although I've had my favorites through the years, it really started up in the early 2000s with the Gravis Kingpin.
How many pairs I own:
I always feel a little ashamed of the amount of shoes I own, but it's really not that much. Whatever amount you think I have, I have less than that.
Amazing sneaker-related story:
I've been able to buy a pair of sneakers by saving enough Coke Reward Points to redeem for Nike gift cards. It took me about 3 years to get enough gift cards to pay for an entire pair. Luckily, with the help of good friends, I've been able to do it twice.
Holy Grail and why:
I'd love to have the entire UNDRCRWN x Adidas collaboration collection. I just love how Undercrown was able to create unique colorways and details for each signature shoe in the collection. I already have the C-Billups one, but I'd love to get another pair of that.
Most despised footwear and why:
I don't really hate a brand or type of shoe, but if there's one thing I despise, it's a poorly constructed one. I don't like to treat my shoes like panties made from tissue paper - I want to be able to walk around in a sneaker without it falling apart from poor gluing. Nothing sucks more than rocking a PE that falls apart after a few wears.
Currently hunting for:
Vintage Pippen Vs (with extra sleeves to switch around), Flojos with the fluorescent colored straps, S. Carters, G. Units, and Magic 32s.
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
I'd like to see Undercrown get a chance to do a colorway for the Mutombos by Adidas. I think they may be the only ones who can do a new colorway that's right for that shoe.
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
I really really want to say my Dunk SB Shimizus because of the colorway, the fact that it looks even better dirtier, and the skull on the tag is just plain butter for me. I really want to say that. However, the Free Run 2s have been in constant rotation lately, and are making me question my choice.
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
The best thing I got out of this thing is the many people I got to meet who also enjoy it as much as I do. The ones I've met are always great to talk to, and they've never made me feel excluded. To me, that's priceless.
And ladies - yoga pants and hightops are a killer combination. Don't stop.
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www.electricbamboo.com because sometimes I'll write about some stuff about sneakers.
A question for Parkz (by: Jay Crisologo): What is the most overrated shoe of all time?
Hmmmmm... Interesting question... haha! I'll give a cliche, simple answer... I'll have to say the Nike Air Yeezy II. Being an owner of them, I'll go ahead and start by saying that the quality of the soles are shit. I wore my Platinums for about 15 minutes before they started cracking. Also, I know it's ridiculously hard to keep soles (especially glowing soles) from yellowing, but my soles have already accumulated a plethora of yellow spotting and it hasn't even been a year! I'm actually a lover of yellowed Jordan soles (when naturally aged), but these Yeezy's spot irregularly, and not to mention, without having no age on them! Let us then talk about the hype... I'll start by saying Kanye West (or whomever birthed his marketing for these) is a genius! ...Yeezy's are and were definitely a top notch hype machine! I can't even imagine how many anxious, praying potential customers were drooling over these by the time they released. I've singled out the Yeezy II's because I own Yeezy I's and they have been perfectly good to me thus far; very happy with the construction and premium materials... Despite all these factors and notion of hype, I still love and respect the design of the Yeezy II. For those of you who disagree, you must admit that the silhouette is very original. Another thing I could go on about is the price tag, but I'm pretty sure we both know how meaningless and drawn out that conversation can get... LOL. Thanks for the question as I hope my answer entertained you!
Interview by: JJ Parkz