01 Dec '14


Posted by admin in Simple Leisure
Ever been to the beach on Coconut Island? ...No? How unfortunate. This slice of paradise is accessible by paddle power only--no motoring up to this spot with your hot dog ski boat. The island has been proposed for a few different things during recent memory, the most interesting being a residence of an heir to an unnamed fortune. What pleasure that man must have received waking up every morning on that ultra private spot in the middle of Kaneohe Bay. But that is ancient history. Currently, the island is being used as an aquatic research plantation for the University of Hawaii. Can you say private? Another use is that of uninvited guests who sneak up on kayaks with festive kids and adult beverages. This brings me to the photos at hand. The day started promptly at 8am with kayaks loaded to capacity with...well you know...kids and beer. After giving Uncle Brett and Cousin Mason a quick run down of our desired course and a couple emergency pointers we embarked on the days adventure. Once again, the bay did not disappoint and provided us with oily conditions that had us sliding along very smoothly. Once we landed at our destination it was full on Corona commercial time. After many hours of playing the custom coconut drums, finding rare seashells, lounging under the custom palm roof hut, snorkeling the drop off, practicing our tahitian dance routines, and water dips with Cuzzo Lights in hand, Uncle Brett and I sat back and admired our kids doing what kids do. Brett, who is my trusted musical consultant and self-described music snob, pulled up on his phone the one and only thing that could make the day any better. After a quick search of his favorites he turned up the volume and let my new favorite song fill the warm humid air. That song was Oh! Sweet Nothin' by The Velvet Underground. If you haven't heard it before, I do recommend you look it up at your leisure. Cheers - RM