19 Apr '12


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"Welcome to Ocean Beach, California! At the terminus of Interstate 8 and the confluence of Interstate 5 lies the town of Ocean Beach, but for locals only, known as OB. It’s a place where time has stood still. The main street, Newport Ave, is still populated with the same establishments I have visited for over 40 years. A death in the family may have forced ownership on occasion but the swill and easy over eggs, biscuit and gravy breakfasts will never change. As a matter of fact at the recent opening of a Starbucks the locals started a loud protest that was televised live on the 5 o’clock news. OB being on the end of the road, as you may imagine, can also be the end of the line for some folks. Bring pocket change and extra cigarettes during your next visit. It will be appreciated. Not all are clothed shabbily, pricey threads abound and tie dye is the derigueur here, there you see, a Hollywood type emerging from his Jag wearing a silk Aloha shirt and sporting a Rolex. All the action is at the beach, though. Street musicians, muscle men, surfers, skaters, the substance abusers, hucksters and con-men crowd the sea wall. I sense the aroma of a fine spliff, who, where,..? Aloof, painted ladies walking their pure bred hounds but as required by a local ordinance, are in possession of a poopie bag. On the sand, glistening under a hot California sun, girls in bikinis are dispersed among mounds of kelp that have washed ashore. Then there is the OB pier. A stretch of concrete jutting out into the Pacific ocean and at most times a peaceful place with gentle sea breezes but during winter months when the jet stream brings cold, wet, low pressure systems down from the Gulf of Alaska, waves of twenty feet will crash over the railing. No bikinis on the beach at during this time of course. Rain or shine, it’s a great place to walk off those two dozen oysters, four shots of Patron and two pitchers of Yellowtail brew you and your sweetheart have consumed at Nicks by the Pier. The pier itself is 1,9971 ft long and another 2,612 miles due SW lies Honolulu. Oh, that little girl you see running down the pier, that’s my grand daughter, I would like to dedicate this song to you, SweetCakes. The 1963 Beach Boys classic “Little Surfer Girl" - POPS