12 Dec '12


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Spent Sunday in Nalo at the beach park with Keanu Asing and the gang from Na Kama Kai. In the day and age when everyone is all about Me, Myself and I via their personal instastoops and twitter accounts it was quite refreshing to cruise with people who have a genuine sense of giving. Nobody was here to get more likes on their facebook page. The day was all about giving the keiki a bit of ocean awareness as well as sharing some cultural knowledge with them. There were many volunteers who donated their Sunday and it was humbling to see such an energetic group even with the chilly trade winds blowing. Keanu was also on hand to offer his insight and experience as a professional surfer to the very interested kids. Fitted did it's part as well with a station set up where the attendees could grab a hat template and create their own custom hat. These kids did not shy away from the tent either, with some kids turning in multiple designs. The winning hat was picked by Keanu and will be made into a sample for the the designer and surfer. Duane Desoto and his entire ohana did an amazing job and are an inspiration to all during this season of giving.