03 Aug '13


Posted by admin

This has been my fourth trip venturing in and along the Na Pali Coast and definitely will not be my last. These adventure trips have become a sort of cleanse, a break from reality, an escape from all of the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. A memory of a conversation I once had with a native resident of Kalalau, also known as, 'the most interesting man in Kalalau' to a few, effortlessly finds its way into my thoughts while on the grind. The highlight of that conversation concluded with him saying "once you start coming into Kalalau, there's something that calls you to come back."
The feeling of insignificance never fails to well up inside of me while coasting along the Na Pali, and puts me in my place as a human being, as it should for anyone else. Moments of solitude inevitably approach unnoticed while adventuring, but it's because of these moments of solitude, it motivates me to share my experiences with others. Although, clips of video and some pictures capture only taste of moments, the cliché saying comes into play "you had to be there!", to get the full experience.