22 Dec '14


Posted by admin
What up people... Hope the Holidays are treating you well. I had a short window of opportunity to fish on Sunday due to prior family obligation to escort Capri and Kristen to a live performance of the Nutcracker ballet at the Mamiya Theatre. I knew the conditions would be nice on Sunday due to the promising forecast, but when I woke up at 5am and took a look around I knew it was going to be an unreal day. Ok, the show starts at 1pm, I just need to be back and cleaned up by noon and I am golden. After my first mate decided he would rather cuddle up with his pillow after a long night at the Kailua Pub than hit the deep blue, I decide to go at it alone. The thing about fishing by yourself is that, first and foremost, you have to be very comfortable being alone. I mean, if you're the type of person that constantly needs someone stroking your ego or petting your personality, this isn't for you. So I'm out a few miles heading towards Kahana bay to check out some of the boys bbqing on the beach when Sky calls me to check my location. After giving me the coordinates to his spot, he asks me, "You catch anything yet?" I reply, "Not yet", and that's when I instantly hear the 12/0 start to dump line like crazy (loose drag); the guy is so fishy that he can bring them up over the phone. I yell to Sky over the speaker "Oh shit, hook up! I'll call you back!" Hang up the phone and get to work, clear the short line, adjust the drag on the long line, get the boat pointed in the right direction and begin to reel. 10 minutes later I'm at the leader and begin to hand line this healthy ono to the side of the boat for the gaf shot. Trying to keep the fish from wrapping the line around the prop and get a clean shot can be tricky when navigating the rapidly rising north swell that had the boat bobbing up and down like a bouy. I missed the first gaf attempt which hit the dorsal fin and came unstuck right away. The second attempt was perfect and went right through the eye socket and into the brain--game over. Feeling like a champ, I get the fish iced down and haul ass home to catch the ballet with the family. FYI - the ballet wasn't nearly as entertaining as my short boat ride! I myself find great pleasure in the solitude that the open ocean provides. Coming home with plenty of fresh fish for the holiday party at my in-laws is just the icing on the cake. Cheers. - RM