22 Aug '13


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Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Kaneohe knows how rare a day with light wind is, they don't call it the Windward side for nothing. Anyone one has spent any amount of time fishing Kaneohe bay knows how rare a Kagami is, according to my boy Sky "catching one is like seeing a Unicorn." As with most fishing tales we headed out with no real agenda just wanted to get out on the glassy bay. Headed to the sweet spot and took a strike rather quickly and it came off rather quickly, shit. Set back up and get hit again, nice Uku in the boat. While stashing the fish in the cooler the other line starts peeling of the reel rather fast and Sky motions for me to grab the reel, I say "no thanks you get it." He motions again for me to grab it and again I decline, meanwhile the line keeps peeling off the reel. I grab the helm and Sky grabs the pole and immediately says "this ain't no Uku." We start to see color and Sky starts losing it once he sees what it is, this is the fish he wanted. Once I gaff it and bring it in the boat lots of adult language was used and judging by Sky's elated state I sure was glad that he reeled it in. - RM