02 May '13


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Aloha kākou!
This week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt goes waaaay back. Back into time. Back when it was still semi-cool if you had a Myspace account. Nearly six years ago (May 5th, 2007 to be exact) we introduced our black Kala New Era.. The theme of that pack from 2007 was KILLHATE, and our goal was (and still is to this day) to spread Aloha. The fall of great men is Greed, which, along with Envy, play a big part in the Hate of another man or woman. We don't practice hatred around these parts. Strictly Aloha, and as the old ʻOlelo Noʻeau reads: "Aloha mai no, aloha aku; o ka huhu ka mea e ola ʻole ai" which translates to "When love is given, love should be returned. Anger is the thing that gives no life."