23 May '13


Aloha kākou!
For this week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt, we take it back to December of 2010 when we collaborated with Hawaiian Sun for an amazing pack that consisted of the New Era pictured above, a t-shirt and a custom, reusable plastic cup, emblazoned with FITTED, crests and Hawaiian Sun logo all-over prints. It was an honor to work with them as all locals know, it's a part of childhood nostalgia, from keiki time all the way to our adulthood.
"Hawaiian Sun: Simply put, the name represents par excellence that is tantamount to a pack of Lunchables to a first grader. Hawaiian Sun evokes vivid memories of any local keiki’s childhood, wrapped neatly in tin foil and left to cool in the freezer overnight; all set for the following day’s home lunch or field trip, so when it was time for lunch, the juice would be nice & slushy. The average local family buys at least 3 – 4 cases of the infamous fruit juices and are not only limited to the keiki; every trip to the beach, tailgate party, or lu’au will have Hawaiian Sun on ice, ready to go. Add to the fact that there is not a flavor out of their entire production that is second-rate."