20 Jul '10


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I just came back from a quick trip to Duarte, California; City of Hope to be exact. Our dear friend and brother Mr. Kenneth Brimer aka Lenny Blaze aka Lendini is currently residing there after his recent bone marrow transplant. Myself and a few others were on hand to give love and support to Lenny, all of us hoping that something as small as our presence would add to Lenny's already amazingly strong spirit. It was great to see family and friends, both young and old show up to lounge with Lenny. Lots of laughs and skate videos and talking about the good 'ole days. Lenny has been at the City of Hope for the past 6 months. With that being said, I would like to say that Lillie, who is Lenny's wifey and personal Night Nurse, has Patience, Love and Compassion that should be admired by us all. Enjoy the pics and please send Lenny your prayers. I have included Lenny's mailing address if anyone out there would like to send some love Lenny's way. Also, please check out the download link that includes a few of Lenny's favorite songs. Something for all to enjoy whether you are stuck in your cubicle or doing 90 mph on the H3.
Write Kenneth Brimer
Kenneth Brimer
1191 Huntington Dr. #202
Duarte,CA 91010-2400

DOWNLOAD: Kenny's Playlist