15 Feb '14


Posted by admin
Snuck away early Thursday morning... I know fishing on a Thursday WTF!?... one of the few benefits of being self employed. Since I'm sharing it here on the blog I can write it off... right?(remind me to clarify that with my accountant). There was a small break in the weather and lately the warehouse has been swarmed by all types of artists, hipsters, media film crews, native activists and every type of hanger on (Pow Wow takeover in case your not in the know) so it made perfect sense to plan a quick run down the Waianae coast. The getaway coast. By plan I mean calling my first mate Sky only hours before our scheduled launch time... he is always down to try our luck on the bottomless sea. Viewing the island from 10 miles out really puts things in perspective, I'll leave it up to you to decide which things. Since we shoved off a little after 7am (kinda late) we hauled ass out to Makua and set a couple lines as we approached the point. The 9/0 with a small aku lure immediately starts singing that sweet sound and we surprisingly land a nice Ono!(high fives and cuzzo light time and it isn't even 8am yet). Anyways as you can tell from the snappos Sky took on his iphone it was a epic day and the fresh sash under the mango tree was our reward. Hope your Thursday went as well. - RM