17 Jan '13


Aloha kākou!
As some of you may know, today marks the 120th anniversary of the illegal overthrow of Hawaiʻi. 120 years of what is technically, an illegal occupation of our islands. This Coup d'état happened on the 17th of January, 1893, led by a Lorrin A. Thurston, as we explained in our Ignorance pack / post. Due to US troops occupying Hawaiʻi soil in support of the revolutionists, our dear Queen Liliʻuokalani advised her forces to surrender to prevent further blood spill. Below are images of the 1897 petition that stood up against the Annexation of Hawaiʻi, signed by 21,269 Native Hawaiians. The reason for this post is to remind the people of Hawaiʻi, the atrocities committed against the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. We must never forget this piece of important history, and we, as elders, must continue to pass down this information for generations to come!

Kane Signatures for the Opposition of Annexation

Wahine Signatures for the Opposition of Annexation