11 Oct '10


Posted by admin in Fitted golf balls

Ever since we received our first shipment of Fitted and Aloha Served Daily golf balls made by Callaway I have been itching to play. So I made last minute twilight tee time at the Ewa Beach GC this past Saturday and took some of the balls out for a spin. I'm not a great or even good golfer by any measure having only played a dozen or so times but I was pleasantly surprised when I played 13 straight holes with the same ball. This was a first for me and I am attributing my success to the pride I had for my ball.... I didn't want to lose this bad boy for nothin'! Although we didn't have time to finish the entire 18 holes it didn't matter since on top of my good luck with the ball I also bumped in to a buddy who was working the club house when we checked in and he hooked up our tee time for $15... Aloha. Look for these balls to be released Dec.4th ... great stocking stuffers for the Christmas holiday.