05 Nov '12


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Not too long ago, our young homie, Isaiah passed away. I'm not too good with words, so this is something our friend, wrote...Rest in Paradise, kid, we'll miss you and we thank you.
"Poor guy."
"That's what he said about the boy down the hall. A poor guy because he was hurting from a disease he couldn't help but have. "He has Sickle Cell Disease, which means he's in pain a lot. He must be having a bad day today."
"Poor guy," said the birthday boy as he awaited more chemo for his very own disease.
Our buddy Isaiah said that on the last day I was with him. Blown away then and blown away still, it was just another thing he said that left me wondering if he even knew he was sick, because he sure didn't talk like he was. Talking like that about his friend down the hall, a friend he had made only because they shared in fighting battles they never chose.
Kaiser and I walked in on the two of them in the middle of a video game battle that day. We had showed up to celebrate with Isaiah on reaching his big 1-0. His birthday gift? A big, hot pink sketchbook. Hot pink was his favorite color, and he was quite the designer, so I figured it would be a fitting birthday present.
We had learned this about him on the day we all first met him, sitting and watching a then 9-year-old Isaiah rub his chin in contemplation over the next color crayon that would go best on the fitted he was designing. It was in this moment that I realized something.
There are few people we meet throughout our lives who astonish. And they always seem to have things to teach you.
No matter our circumstance, it can't be that bad, as long as we have life and love. It is those things that are worth our strength. So, stay strong and stay in love.
Isaiah taught us these things and made us feel that much more alive. Alive in a life in which his was cut short.
Shorter still was the time we were blessed to have known him.
But staring down at the cards he had been dealt, he was so tall. Tall like his laugh, so infectious, it couldn't help but meet your own. Tall like his strength, fighting past all and any that tried to sedate him. Tall, like his mother, with a love and a fight that most will never need to muster.
This is what we remember of Isaiah, and it must push us to know that we can do the same. For us, for love, for Isaiah.
Be joyful, and you'll tower over the unstoppable.
We love you, Kid. And we thank God for your life. We're resting in His power while you rest in His paradise, until we meet again." -Tiffany Ibale