11 Nov '15


Posted by admin
Billions in Change

Personally the idea of constant learning motivates me. Most importantly learning about myself and how I can be better for my Family and the people around me. Outside of that I am incredibly inspired by passion. Plain and simple passion for anything rules my thoughts. I cannot imagine my world without it. So I dig and dig and dig and dig, keeping my piko ī open for anything that comes across my antenna. Today a good friend of mine introduced me to Manoj Bharagav's story. He is the creator of the 5hr energy drink. Now you may think "Oh that guy!" as did I previously. I have seen his story pop up in my daily before but never took the dive to actually learn about what this man is doing. In my head I come up with my own solutions to social change with my limited knowledge, usually referring to our ancestors and the simple technique of an Ahupuʻa. Or other various simple solutions for pre-contact society, again with my limited knowledge. So after taking the dive, I am even more inspired. Here is a guy that is worth 4 billion dollars and is giving away 99% of it for social change. Health / water / energy and even some for free. Although this is such a novel idea and most countries including ours will most likely find ways to sanction this. I think that the mere passion aspect is inspiring, but add the ideas, execution and ultimate goal. I think this could possibly be one of those moments in time were we can then reference (as an ahupuʻaʻa-esque idea) as a seismic shift in dealing with ideas about social change. It's not political in nature, it's more outlaw if anything. You can create your own opinion on what the new black is but what needs to be discussed is the need for solutions for real time issues.