18 Jun '14


What's up FITTED family?! I know I have been MIA lately but a lot has changed/happened in the past couple months. First off, the move back home to the Bay was good, busy but good. Moving right before Christmas can be hectic, with family, friends, etc! Ok, enough about that, let me recap what I have been up to these past couple months, bear with me, this could be a long post!

Beginning of January, I flew down from SF to LA and met up with Parkz and Ola for Agenda Long Beach. This was a very big step for us as this was our first trade show where we were showing an upcoming collection (previewing our Summer 2014 Collection).
The show went well, I feel that we definitely made our presence felt and am looking forward to showing at future shows.
It wasn't long before I had to hop on another flight but this time I would be flying cross country to New York for Agenda NY. This time was to check out the show, set some meetings up and check on one of our accounts, Hat Club in SoHo. We were ready to hop on the flight when all of a sudden, someone comes over the PA system and says that our flight has been cancelled due to the snow storm in the east coast. We managed to get a flight for the next day but I would only be able to catch the last day of the show. Finally we land and it is freezing...FREEZING! Like, 3 degrees freezing. I wore hella layers, gloves, beanie, long johns, two pairs of socks, timbs and it still wasn't enough, it was cold as hell! After the show wrapped up, I got a chance to hang out with my brother, some family and got to catch up with the homie, Alfred from Black Scale.
After a couple days in NY, back to CA for me but only to get right back on a flight to LA a couple weeks later.I came down to LA to check out our Cukui family showing at this trade show Venue in DTLA. I managed to trade business cards, picked up a couple new accounts and roamed around LA for a bit.
As you get the theme of this post, it deals with a lot of traveling. And that was only the month of January! February wasn't any different. Flew to Vegas twice, the first time for my cousins bachelor party and flew back literally 6 days later for Agenda LV. Now these two times were the first time where I've gone to Vegas and went out and actually experienced "Vegas." For those who have been to Vegas plenty of times, don't judge me but Vegas is crazy lol. Now, I was just checking out the show, met with a couple of people and just tried to build a little presence or more of an awareness of the brand out there and I was tired from just that so I couldn't imagine how some of the people working the show felt! Between working the show, going out to the different events that were going on, Huf x G Pen party, Nas' 12amRun party, etc. and then waking up and being at the show at 9am the next day...crazy!
I know that was a lot to read and keep up with and for those of you who stuck with this blog the whole time, thank you! I'll be back on here posting on a regular now. Stay tuned for the post!