19 Aug '18


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To say you’re born and raised here is a special classification, adversely though the idea of going away to build your resumé and skillset is an all to often trade off. "Go learn the world, but my heart is here" plays at every of life's toughest intersections. Ok, let’s reel this back from the ledge of seriousness. What I see happening in Hawaiʻi is fantastic. Creatives are finding their way through an alternative path of dream chasing while their wawae remain planted on this ʻaina. Take braddah Sheldon Simeon, the Hilo-born, Maui-living, father, husband, Top Chef, host of an eater.com online show, and continent-jumping entrepreneur! That’s what it takes in modern day Hawaiʻi to follow your dreams. With locals like this pursueing what they love and repping Hawaiʻi Ko paeʻaina to the fullest, it’s safe to say that the next generation will have great mentors to look up to!
Mahalo Braddah Sheldon!