03 Dec '10


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Hurley & Contrast have teamed up for their annual Anti-Canvas art project which goes down today, at Soho Mixed Media Bar between 5 and 9PM. Part art show and part auction, the Anti-Canvas project will showcase the best artists from around the world, each tending to a boardshort design of their own. The shorts you see pictured above were created by none other than FITTED's own Keola Rapozo. Ola has dubbed these shorts Ignorance, and allow us to explain the reasoning behind this phenomenal piece of art: every piece of political cartoon art shown on these shorts represents how narrowly-thin minded the U.S. "government" was (and in some instances, still is). At the time that these political / satirical cartoons were published, (around the 1890s) these weak-minded individuals were so ignorant as to the history of the Hawaiian people, and it's culture. They portrayed us in a bigoted manner, making us out to be savages of some sort. We all know who the real savages were, and these "white elitists" were true by definition, savages. Infamous industrialists and politicians including Claus Spreckels and Sanford Dole, Uncle Sam and even former U.S. President William McKinley were at the tipping point of the character defamation, borderline cultural-genocide, coercive persuasion, and gentrification of Hawai'i and it's people.
As you all know by now, Ola has a deep passion for history, especially Hawaiian history, and combine that with his keen sense of art - you get an amazing piece that is educational, aesthetically pleasing and breathes life back to a sense of awareness of our past. For more details on the show, please check the flier below.