19 Jun '14


Hey guys,
Iʻm finally on here and am excited to be able to share my thoughts with all of  you! First off, Iʻd like to start with a quick introduction; For those of you whom I havenʻt had the pleasure of meeting yet, my name is Alia and you may find yourself running into me on any given day at the shop. I've been with FITTED for almost 2 years now, and the new experiences and friendships I encounter daily have been so priceless to me.  Coming into this company, I was aware of the ohana that surrounded the brand.  I was also very hesitant and afraid of not being accepted by this unbreakably bonded "family."  Slowly, but surely I've become a part of this ever-growing ohana (and I'm not just talking about employees).  Our loyal supporters are the sh*t!  So much aloha run through their veins and it's so contagious.  They define our saying "Aloha Served Daily" so well.
With the start of our summer collection beginning, I wanted to capture the essence of this past spring season before beers and beaches take over.  With us nearing our ten year anniversary, we wanted to bring back a few of our personal favorite, older designs for our Spring 14 "Legacy" Collection.  Pictured below are some of our customers, both new and old, that camped out every weekend for ten weeks!  For the rest of you that physically can't be here, we haven't forgotten about you!  Our appreciation goes beyond words.  I'm so stoked to be here and I hope you guys are ready for summer!
photo 1