20 Oct '10


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What initially started off as a concept has quickly materialized into physical existence in the form of a mobile kitchen. Using our tropical climate to their advantage, chefs Lyndsey Ozawa and Alejandro Briceno - better known as Aker - and food columnist Martha Cheng have laid down the infrastructure for what will surely become a staple in Hawai'i's ever-expanding culinary culture. With street foods slowly on the rise on our islands, one of the ways to smash through the cracks of mediocrity is to take a more radical approach to things. The cuisine boutique-on-wheels, appropriately named Melt, will offer everything from unconventional grilled-cheese sandwiches, velvety tomato soup, plantation-style slushies, lemonade slushies, ice cream and ice cream sandwiches; the latter of which will make it debut later down the road.
One of their highlight menu items will be what has been dubbed the Melt of Shame: a 1/4 pound of Kuahiwi beef (locally raised on the Big Island) patty assembled between two grilled cheese sandwiches, complete with sautéd onions and other delectable accoutrements. For the more health-conscious foodies, they'll also be offering a side order of pickled vegetables (they're calling them dime bags) and a 4 oz. tomato soup. The best part, no rude soup tyrants there to tell you "No soup for you!" If you find yourself out on the North Shore this winter-swell season, make sure you drop by as they plan on setting up shop out there. Melt will have their grand opening of sorts this Saturday between 11 AM to (undetermined) in our parking lot aligned with a special collaboration t-shirt. With each purchase of a Melt tee, you will receive a Super Melt sandwich. Please come down and support your local businesses. To stay up on the latest Melt news, follow them on Twitter @melthnl.