01 May '12


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Two outs, bases loaded, full count, score 3 to 1 in favor of the visitors, bottom of the ninth here’s your chance to lower the blood pressure of 17,000 fans, Jack “Spam” Hormel! We rise out of our seats, in the process I drop my 10 dollar beer, darn. [not the actual exclamation used] The tension is electrifying. The pitcher stares down the batter with glass shards. The universe could collapse in the next few moments and I would ignore it. Every sinew in Spams’ body is in a state of maximum strain. In less time that it takes to swallow a healthy gulp of beer the pitcher throws, we watch the ball in its flight, almost seems as lazy as a butterfly drifting over a field of daisies,.Spam swings,..yea,..yea,.steerike #@%*&. Damn I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow morning, shouldn’t have had that nacho plate with extra jalapeños.
Petco Park is a very nice stadium, great visibility from all seats, but you might need a box of tissues in the nosebleed section if only to wipe the tears for the home team that has failed to produce a winning line up in many a season. Does that matter to the youngsters you brought along today, I think not. And I’ll not donate to the thrift shop my Padre ball cap and jersey anytime soon. You gotta have faith, baby! - POPS